Minor Character: Miami
Charlie Berenger
Name Charlie Berenger
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation US Customs Agent
Pathology Serial Bomber
Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Necklace Bombs
No. of Victims 2 killed
3+ attemped
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Conor O'Farrell
First Appearance Losing Face

Charlie Berenger is a serial bomber and budding serial killer appearing in Losing Face in CSI: Miami.


Berenger worked as a US Customs Agent for years, but always wanted to work on the federal bomb squad. Al Humphreys, a bomb squad administrator and an old friend of Horatio Caine, turned down his application, leading to Berenger taking the rejection personally and desiring for personal revenge. He planned a spree of bomb sightings to challenge the squad to best him and put them to the test, knowing his choice of bomb construction isn't part of their books and forces them to a whole new level of strategies.

Losing Face[]

He started by locking a necklace bomb around Aurelio Moreno's neck, with a ransom note on his own imported paper stating fraudulent demands. Al Humphreys comes to disarm the bomb, but both men are killed once drilling into it sets off the device. Berenger's questioned regarding his Customs checks on Moreno, to which everything was well accounted for. He then targeted Moira Burgess, locking a necklace bomb shell around her, but it's quickly revealed to be a decoy filled with sand. The real bomb is with a boy named Connor, whom Berenger paid to sit with it while mounted on a bike in a cardboard box in the basket of the bike. Caine carefully walks Connor away, and with ANDROS, a defusing robot, the detonator's lasered and the bomb's defused. Eventually, the victims and materials used in the bombs, along with the strands from his toupee, point the evidence to Berenger. He's cornered at a plant on the docks, wearing a necklace bomb on his own neck, with a toothpick in his mouth. He vents at Caine over his rejection and dares him to find the way to remove the bomb from his neck. Caine figures it out swiftly: he takes the toothpick and shoves it in a small hole in the front, unlocking the bomb from Berenger's neck. It's carefully removed by Caine and handed over to the squad, and the police immediately arrest Berenger.

Modus Operandi[]

Berenger targeted people tied to his job because he investigated their imports. His most notorious signature was necklace bombs, which were by his own design that surpassed the usual technology the bomb squad dealt with. They, along with the ransom notes left with the bombs, were really a smoke screen, as he targeted law enforcement, particularly the bomb squad, hoping they'd fail to disable the bombs and die. The second necklace bomb he used was a sand-filled decoy, as instead, he gave a boy a bike and a package with the bomb inside for the sake of leaving it to be found and keep playing games with the police. His final one had a hole in it which perfectly fit his toothpick, which he taunted Horatio with in there standoff to see if he could guess how to unlock the device so they both made it out alive.

Known Victims[]

  • The Moreno home bombing:
    • Aurelio Moreno (killed by tripped necklace bomb)
    • Al Humphreys (killed by tripped necklace bomb)
  • The Bergos home bombing attempt:
    • Moira Burgess (assaulted; strapped a necklace bomb decoy around her neck; was rescued)
    • Conner (attempted; tricked into sitting with the bomb on the bike; was rescued)
  • The plant suicide bombing attempt:


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