Minor Character: Las Vegas
Charlie Russell
Name Charlie Russell
Gender Male
Family D.B. Russell (father)
Barbara Russell (mother)
Maya Russell (sister)
Kaitlyn Russell (niece)
Two unnamed siblings
City Las Vegas
Pathology Alleged murderer
Status Alive
Portrayed By Brandon W. Jones
First Appearance Brain Doe

Charlie Russell is the son of D.B. Russell in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


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Season Twelve[]

Brain Doe[]

Charlie is seen for the first time after being mentioned by Russell in several episodes. It is revealed that he has been suspended from playing basketball by his coach after breaking curfew late one night. Russell is worried by this, but he manages to make Charlie apologize to his coach for his actions.

Trends with Benefits[]

One of Charlie's classmates is murdered. It's revealed that he knew Julie Finlay, as she and his father worked with each other in Oregon.

In the end of the episode, a teacher who is proven to have raped a female student isn't arrested, as the victim decided to drop the charges. Russell and Charlie are upset by the outcome; however, the teacher is later fired after the campus finds out about the result and posts their reactions on social media. The teacher thus receives justice, making Russell and Charlie happy.

Season Thirteen[]

Karma to Burn[]

Charlie returns home with his mother, Barbara, after hearing his niece has been kidnapped. She is eventually saved by the LVPD and Charlie, along with the rest of his family, welcome her back home.

Pick and Roll[]

Charlie's basketball coach at WLVU is murdered, and he becomes a suspect when his it's revealed that he got into a physical altercation with the coach hours before he was murdered. Despite some evidence against him, Charlie is eventually cleared. He tells his parents that he's going to move in with his new girlfriend, Vanessa, a grad student at WLVU. During the course of their investigation, Russell discovers that Vanessa is a sex therapist who was having an affair with WLVU's main booster. After being discovered, Vanessa breaks things off with Charlie and gets a job at another school. Charlie and his father make amends by the end of the episode, and it's implied that Russell is going to tell him about Vanessa's occupation off-screen.


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