Minor Character: Miami
Chelsea Lopez
Name Chelsea Lopez
Gender Female
Family Donny Lopez (father, deceased)

Miranda Lopez (mother, deceased)

City Miami
Pathology Murderer
No. of Victims 1
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Alyssa Diaz
First Appearance Hell Night

Chelsea Lopez is a minor character and the killer of her mother, Miranda Lopez.


Chelsea Lopez was the only child of famed baseball player Donny Lopez and his wife Miranda. There were problems in the marriage, as Donny was having an affair with another woman, Kelli Fritz, Chelsea informed Miranda about seeing Donny with Kelli, only for Miranda not to believe her.

Chelsea later took out a knife and waved it around towards Miranda, who attempted to calm her daughter down and grabbed the knife by the blade. In response, Chelsea pulled the knife away, cutting Miranda's hand, before stabbing her mother to death.

Season Three[]

Hell Night[]

Donny cleaned up the scene and ended up suspected and charged with his wife's murder, while unaware that Chelsea was the true killer. However, Calleigh Duquesne found evidence that led to Chelsea being revealed as her mother's killer, and during her interrogation, Chelsea stated that she wanted her parents to be happy like they were in public, while stating that she missed her mother.

Known Victims[]

  • Miranda Lopez (accidentally cut her palm, then stabbed her twice)


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