Minor Character: Miami
Name Chris Sutter
Alias Captain
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former police captain
Pathology Incriminator
Conspirator Proxy murderer
No. of Victims 1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By William Forsythe
First Appearance L.A.

Captain Chris Sutter is the former boss of CSI Jesse Cardoza while Cardoza worked in Los Angeles.


In the case against Tony Enright for the murder of his wife Victoria, Cardoza was the lead on the case. However, Enright's lawyer Darren Vogel planted a cuff link to throw off the investigation, which Sutter stole so as to prevent the trial from being compromised. When the cuff link was found in one crime scene photo but not the next, Vogel successfully smeared Cardoza as a "dirty cop" to get Enright acquitted. Cardoza lost his job and transferred to Miami.

Enright's later crimes led to an evaluation of the case. After Vogel was found out to have planted the link, photos from the crime scene were digitally enhanced to capture Sutter picking up the cuff link himself to stop Vogel's campaign. Horatio Caine confronted Sutter at the Hollywood bowl personally and demanded he make things right. Sutter gave Caine the cuff link, lost his job, and was presumably arrested and incarcerated.