Minor Character: Miami
Name Christina Dodd
Gender Female
Family Dan Becks (husband)
City Miami
Pathology Prostitute
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Wendy Glenn
First Appearance Cheating Death

Christina Dodd is a prostitute suspected and later cleared of the murder of another prostitute, Steve Howell.


Dodd was once mistaken for a prostitute at the Tremaine Hotel, where she had sex with a man in a hotel room. When she was paid, she continued to engage in her own independent prostitution for money. She was seduced by Howell, also trolling the grounds to find married women to drug and rob with the assistance of his employer, Audrey Yates. Dodd got Howell in handcuffs first with her experience, but he already laced her drink with GHB, as was his usual M.O.

Dodd's husband, Dan Becks, barged in and saw the scene, and when Howell got smug, Becks pulled out his army knife and lodged it into the bed frame before storming out. Leaving Dodd behind, a woman Howell robbed, Lisa Radley, came upon the scene to get her wedding ring back and, when Howell refused, she stabbed him in a frenzy just to stop his crimes. Dodd was found barely coherent when she woke up, with Howell dead in the bed.

Dodd was questioned, had a rape exam conducted on her, and proven to have been tested with GHB. When the hotel-owned handcuffs were found out to have been ordered by Dodd despite her being married, she admitted to the prostitution. Dodd was cleared, and Yates and Radley were eventually arrested. It's unknown if Dodd and even Becks ever face penalties.