Minor Character: Miami
Name Christopher Owens
Alias Chris
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Paintball shooting
Cardiac arrest
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Alex Black
First Appearance Hell Night

Chris Owens is a rebellious teen Raymond Caine, Jr. associated with, and later a murderer getting Junior into trouble, appearing in Hell Night in CSI:Miami.


Owens led a gang of unruly kids Ray Jr. was included in, though never really feeling fit in due to still having a conscience unlike the other boys, especially Owens, with priors for vandalism and disorderly conduct. His uncle, Horatio Caine, was horrified to see Martin Connor, a homeless man, dead and covered with paintball scars—his death actually come from a heart attack from literally being shocked to death by the terror of the shooting. Caine has all the boys, including Ray Jr., bought in by the police and separated. Caine talks to his nephew alone, and Ray Jr. admits the elderly man was shot with the paintball gun but refuses to be a snitch as to who fired, saying they all shot at Connor merely to protect the gang. Rebecca Nevins handles the case and says the other boys fingered Ray Jr. for the shooting. Caine personally handles the collection of evidence and finds a video camera recording the murder—the damning piece of evidence being an isolated track of Ray Jr. begging Owens to stop. Owens is confronted with the evidence, not showing guilt for the crime but merely terror for the consequences. Ray Jr. doesn't face charges and Owens is incarcerated for manslaughter at least.

Known Victims[]

  • Martin Connor (scared by shooting with paintballs, leading to a fatal heart attack)