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Minor Character: Miami
Name Clay Bennett
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Hotel developer
Pathology Robber
Modus Operandi Art theft
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Philippe Brenninkmeyer
First Appearance Dude, Where's My Groom?

Clay Bennett is an art thief appearing in Dude, Where's My Groom? in CSI:Miami.


Bennett was a hotel developer in Miami also responsible for thefts of at least one piece of expensive original artwork. Bennett was questioned about the disappearance of groom Charlie King, when groomsmen Jack Williams and Sean Anderson were trashing their hotel room and arrested for disorderly conduct before being bailed out. It only got worse when Bennett's private security guard, Tito Sanchez, was found murdered by the two groomsmen when stealing the original Matisse Bennett ironically enough already stole. This was from King being abducted while all three were in a drug-induced stupor as a result of the actions of Timothy Hewitt and Carmel Owens, the bride's father and a stripper at the club they went to, accordingly. The groomsmen were arrested, and the Matisse was found, but Bennett was also arrested and incarcerated for art theft.