Clean Sweep
CSI NY - Clean Sweep
Season 8
Number 10
Writer Adam Targum
Director David Von Ancken
Original Airdate January 6, 2012
Previous Episode: Means to an End
Next Episode: Who's There?

Clean Sweep is the tenth episode in Season Eight of CSI: NY.


A charred body turns into a hot mess for the CSI's when it appears a cage fighter has been murdered by his stalker.


Ryan Richards, a rising star in cagefighting, wins a fight against his biggest competition, Derek Petrov. In the morning, his badly burned skeleton is found, with his melted driver's license nearby. In autopsy, Sid finds a melted bullet fused to the back of Ryan's skull, and severe head trauma that existed before the body was set on fire.

Jo talks to Lisa Richards, Ryan's wife, who is pregnant with their child. Lisa tells her that Ryan had a stalker in Colorado for 2 years. They moved to New York and didn't hear from him for a year. Lisa worries the stalker will come after her and the unborn baby. Lindsay finds three dozen threatening emails on Ryan's laptop. The last email said "savour the victory now because you'll be dead by morning" with a picture from Ryan's win last night. Adam arranges all the photos taken at the fight in 3D. Though they can't see the stalker's face, he is wearing Derek Petrov's VIP pass and eating boiled peanuts. Derek says he sold the pass in the parking lot, and doesn't remember who he sold it to.

Marty Bosch, a college student, staggers into Flack's precint covered in gasoline and blood. He is confused, saying he thinks he may have killed someone, but can't remember much as he was really drunk for his 21st birthday. The lab determines that the blood drops at the scene match Ryan Richards's reference sample, provided by his wife. However, it doesn't match the blood on Marty's clothes. The gasoline from Marty's shirt and Ryan's body do not match either. The team knows that Marty didn't kill Ryan, but aren't sure whose blood is on Marty since there is no hit in CODIS . Asbestos on Marty's shirt is the only other lead they have.

Jo collects boiled peanut shells under the stands and the DNA comes back to Aaron Collins. They bring Aaron in for questioning. He was best friends with Ryan in high school, and Aaron was always the star wrestler. He says Ryan took a cheap shot at him while they were preparing for nationals. It shattered his knee and ruined his chances at being a pro fighter. Aaron sends threatening emails, hoping Ryan will lie awake dreading the next day like he has since his knee was wrecked. But he didn't kill Ryan, since he was home for cufrew at the halfway house.

Sid finds the body has titanium screws inserted to repair severe ankle trauma, but Ryan has no record of a broken ankle. The burned body is not Ryan Richards. Ryan may have killed someone to fake his death, leaving behind blood drops and his ID. The serial number from the titanium screw comes back to Private Charlie Hunt of the US Marine Corps. He was shot while on duty and surgeons left the bullet in due to the high risk of removing it from the spine. His ankle was broken when an RPG hit the humvee he was in. Charlie's sister says he had severe PTSD and was self medicating with alcohol before she lost contact. Ryan spent time volunteering with the homeless, and he chose the perfect victim that no one would miss.

Following the asbestos lead, Lindsay realizes that Marty's dorm was 2409 Lennox Ave, but at 2409 Madison Ave nearby, there is a condemned building with asbestos. Marty could have gotten confused going home while he was drunk. The team goes to the condemned building with Marty, who remembers tripping over the gasoline-fueled heater on the floor. Marty remembers he saw someone sleeping, Charlie, but some but some beams fell from the storey above and hurt him pretty badly. Marty tried to help Charlie, but couldn't move him on his own, panicked, and left. Bloody handprints on the walls indicate Charlie got up and left the building despite his head injury.

The team intercepts a postcard that Ryan tried to send to his wife. With Lisa's help, they find and arrest him at the motel where he proposed to her. Ryan confesses that with Lisa's pregnancy and the return of the stalker, he was horrified. Police couldn't protect him in Colorado, so he decided to handle it on his own, though at first he didn't know how. He met Charlie at the soup kitchen, and befriended him, wanting to help. After the fight he won against Derek, Ryan found Charlie in an alley, injured and covered in blood. He tried to drive to the hospital, but Charlie died on the way. He called Lisa and told her what he was planning, so they could get away from the stalker. Ryan switched their clothes, and left his blood and ID next to the body. He took Charlie's dog tags to try to get them back to his sister one day. Though he knows burning the body was wrong, Charlie was already dead. Mac tells Ryan that since the body was so badly burned, they cannot firmly establish time and cause of death. DA will consider what the science can prove, and then decide whether or not to charge Ryan with murder. Even though Mac believes Charlie, the rest is not up to him.

Throughout the episode, there is a side plot with a journalist named Jennifer Walsh. She first shows up to the crime scene with black coffee and a blueberry scone for Mac, asking to interview him for her story. Mac tells her he gave up coffee a year ago, and is severely allergic to blueberries. They realize that Flack decided to play a prank on Mac with the information he gave the journalist. Jennifer is writing about NYPD not able to police themselves when it comes to officer misconduct. She says that Mac is rigid with policy but can be pliable on some occasions, and she wants to hear his side of the story. He refuses to comment.

Jennifer later shows up at the lab and brings Mac a copy of the article she is writing, asking him to read it and make sure she is getting her facts right. As she leaves, Lindsay comments that the journalist is pretty cute. When the case is solved, Jo says that Jennifer is a beautiful woman and seemed like she was after more than just a story. She says Mac is a sexy single man and there will be no hiding from the ladies. He claims he isn't hiding, but looks pensive in his office after Jo leaves.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Laura Breckenridge as Lisa Richards
  • Jesse Chevy as Charlie Hunt
  • David Gallagher as Marty Bosch
  • Alex Nesic as Ryan Richards
  • Tito Ortiz as Derek Petrov
  • Travis Schuldt as Aaron Collins
  • Vinessa Shaw as Jennifer Walsh
  • Sexton Newby as Physical Trainer

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