Cold Reveal
Cold Reveal
Season 3
Number 22
Writer Pam Veasey,
Sam Humphrey
Director Marshall Adams
Original Airdate May 2, 2007
Previous Episode: Past Imperfect
Next Episode: ...Comes Around

Cold Reveal is the twenty-second episode in Season Three of CSI: NY.


Stella becomes a murder suspect in a Philadelphia cold case when Detective Scotty Valens visits the lab and tells her that her DNA matches the evidence. Meanwhile, Mac's career is jeopardized when an internal investigation is opened against him. This episode makes a crossover with the CBS series Cold Case.


We open the show with an angel surrounded by white light saying "you have to stop them" her face is bruised she has blond curly hair. Two altar boys are busy running around the church; one of them spots the dead body. Detectives Don Flack and Mac Taylor examine the body; for the moment very little is known about the victim including the name.

Detective Flack informs Detective Taylor that there are no police reports or traffic reports of seeing the victim fall through the stained glass window. Both detectives think this one is weird. Mac comments that all the angel had left were wings and a prayer. The medical examiner begins removing the angel's wings and harness in order to do the autopsy. He notices something rather odd; there is a video camera in the victim's chest. The autopsy also determines that the victim's neck was broken in two places causing him to already be dead when he fell through the stained glass window. Damage control is already being done to save Mac Taylor's job with the New York police. The Inspector and the Chief of Detectives are busy telling the press that Mac Taylor didn't have a vendetta against Clay Dobson, just a passion for justice. The Inspector and Chief of Detectives determine that for now the investigation into Detective Taylor's involvement with Clay Dobson was thorough. The press, as usual, reminds them that Clay Dobson killed at least two woman.

In his office, Mac is busy watching the press conference on television when Detective Valens from Philadelphia drops by to tell him they got a hit in a database. The hit was from a female; it turns out that Stella is somehow connected to a ten-year-old murder case. Mac relays this to Stella and she says it's impossible. He then tells her it happened when Adam gave her the PCR test and then figures it must have happened when he set the secondary sample down on the counter and a lab tech could have picked it up.
Scotty begins showing Stella photographs of the evidence and treats her like a suspect because he is convinced she may have killed a woman ten years ago. Stella is bound and determined to help in the investigation because of a New York connection that he hasn't picked up on. Stella also asks to see the case file. The Philadelphia detective believes that she's hiding something. Stella tells him that she doesn't know anything about the case other than what she's already been told and she isn't hiding anything. Danny defends Stella and tells the detective that if she said she didn't know, she didn't know.

Danny asks Stella what the problem is, unfortunately Stella doesn't know. Scotty gives Stella and Danny some background information. There was no missing persons report filed and the case took place in Philadelphia in March of 1997. The coat at the scene had three cuts in it. There was some male DNA and Stella's as well. The case file states that neoprene, iridescent white paint and Vaseline were in a piece of art Stella read about in the paper. Danny goes to look through archives for a picture. Sheldon shows Mac a picture of the ropes that were cut, suggesting that the angel was sabotaged. Lindsay tells Mac and Sheldon that she found the video posted on an Internet daredevil web site requesting the most outrageous videos.

Danny was able to find some undeveloped film that Erin Yates had taken when Stella graduated from the police academy. But the three of them wonder why the film was never developed. As they begin developing it, they know it's the same guy in all of the pictures they looked at. While Stella is waiting for her picture to develop, she gets very quiet and suddenly sees herself in the photo in uniform. Danny wonders if Stella is OK but she isn't. Scotty, the Philadelphia detective, looks at the photograph and tells Stella that she is in it. Detective Valens is upset because he isn't getting anywhere with the case. He still feels Stella may be hiding something. He agrees to overlook the fact that Stella was a cop. Now he wants to solve the case his way. Danny sticks up for Stella by telling him she doesn't know anything. Sheldon, Lindsay, and Adam are busy trying to figure out exactly where the angel fell through the church by using trigonometry and video footage to see if they can pinpoint the exact spot as to where he fell. As they do that, Mac suggests that the roof was possibly repaved and hadn't cooled yet. Mac says not all rooftops have the same asphalt mixture.

Detective Taylor is busy flying above New York and tells Detective Flack to get access to the Chase Whitley building. The Inspector tells Mac about the internal investigation that will be taking place through the police department. Mac feels that the Inspector and the Chief of Detectives gave into media pressure to begin the investigation. Mac feels the investigation is going on because no one will be there when the hearing begins. Danny finds an address for Marilyn Bennett who runs a foster home and is able to recognize Stella in a photograph but doesn't know where her husband Garth Bennett is. Detective Valens tells Stella about Marilyn Bennett and realizes because of a locket that Marilyn had that the two had made a pact when they were little. Stella suddenly realizes that was how her DNA ended up in the database causing Philadelphia police to think she was connected to the ten-year-old case.

Detective Valens is angry at Stella for not recognizing the locket. Mac goes to the Chief of Detectives asking him to stop the internal investigation against him. Sinclair decides to continue with the investigation thinking that there was some foul play in the death of Clay Dobson. Sinclair feels that there are more questions that need to be asked. Mac feels that all the questions have been asked. Mac is afraid that he could be dismissed because of the media pressure in the case. However, he intends to give his superiors a battle they won't soon forget. Sheldon is on the roof using his cell phone to take pictures of it and measuring where the ropes were. Adam is working while listening to "Holding My Light" on his cell phone and Sheldon requests a picture of the angel taking flight. Detectives Taylor and Flack are on rooftop listing to Sheldon explain exactly where the ropes were on the buildings. He also notices what looked to be a woman's heel print on the roof. Detective Taylor tells Sheldon to run with it. Detective Flack reminds Mac that when the hearing begins he will have to answer questions about exactly what he saw that night. Mac believes that this is nothing but a political show. Flack however reminds him that the media is soaking up the story and that when the time comes his answers as to what happened may not be good enough to clear him of wrongdoing.

We see a flashback to Clay Dobson running onto the roof, Mac calling Clay Dobson's name and ordering him to drop to his knees. Dobson mentions that he wants his victims to look in his eyes and that he doesn't have a gun. Mac puts his gun in his holster. Mac and Dobson fight on the roof. Mac gets the handcuffs and puts them on Dobson's wrists. Dobson kicks Mac. Mac tries to catch Clay before he falls. Clay walks backwards with a nasty smile on his face and suddenly falls off the roof. Mac stands alone on the roof lost in thought and then leaves. Flack interviews T.J. and tells him they have evidence that shows that he could have cut the rope that led to his friend's death. T.J. however says he didn't have anything to do with cutting this cords, all he did was put the video on the daredevil web site hoping to get his friend the celebrity status he wanted. Detective Flack asks about his girlfriend and if she might have wanted to cut the cords as well. Flack believes that the video on the web site seemed like a winner to him. Detective Taylor doesn't believe T.J. cut the cords but that someone else did, they're just not sure who yet. They will need to look through the rest of the footage to see if they can find out who did it.

As a peace offering between Stella and Detective Valens, he has the case file and a box brought up from Philadelphia. He lets Stella take the lead in the case just the way she likes it. Stella recognizes a pattern from the photos shown to her earlier which she didn't recognize at the time. There is a certain pattern found on the stockings that take her and Detective Valens back to the theater where Stella once watched movies as a little girl. Stella and Detective Valens believe someone was murdered in that room. That person is someone that was interviewed earlier. Danny shows Marilyn a picture of her fingerprint on the church wall; she cleaned up the crime scene. Danny wonders if seeing Mindy and Garth together caused her to kill them. She tells Danny she didn't kill them. Danny tells her that when they match her fingerprint to clothes she dumped on the turnpike, it will prove that she did.

Detective Valens comes in to listen to some findings. Stella discovered that the blood spatter was male but they aren't sure if it is Garth's DNA or someone else's. They both rule out Marilyn because the clothes and DNA aren't hers. They think that it might be Victoria Page's DNA. Detective Valens says he hates doing cold cases because they bring up the past. He tells her to take care of herself and to keep him posted on the case. Stella tells him she will do that and they part company. Lindsay is showing Mac footage of Toby cutting the cords, thinking that the cords themselves would snap but they held. Mac believes the only crime committed was misdirected ambition.
Stella goes to meet Victoria Page who had protected her from somebody when she was a little girl. Stella learns that Victoria was mistreated. Stella won't come to arrest her with her badge until the next day. Stella figures that the hell they both suffered was chosen for them.

Mac is walking down the street probably headed home after a long day at work when a man calls his name and claims that he took his daughter from him and believes Mac killed Clay Dobson. Mac desperately tries to reassure him that he didn't take his daughter from him and innocent people are on the street and they don't deserve to be shot. Mac holds a grieving father in his arms while still thinking about what happened on the roof and whether he could have stopped Clay Dobson before he fell.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback
  • AJ Buckley as Adam Ross
  • Mykelti Williamson as Chief Brigham Sinclair
  • Danny Pino as Det. Scotty Valens
  • Joey Lawrence as Clay Dobson
  • Carmen Argenziano as Stanton Gerrard
  • Baelyn Neff as Jessica Simms
  • Annika Peterson as Mindy Sanchez
    • Caitlin Elizabeth Baunoch as Mindy Sanchez (age 14)
  • Brenna Radding as Stella Bonasera (age 8)
  • Sandra Nelson as Marilyn Bennett
  • Mel Fair as Reporter #1
  • Ijeoma Njaka as Reporter #2
  • Miles Williams as Altar Boy #1
  • Brian D' Addario as Altar Boy #2
  • Casey Adams (II) as Toby Finch
  • John Patrick Amedori as T.J. Lindmark
  • Bruce Nozick as Gene Hartley


  • Stella graduated from the police academy in 1997. However, in the episode American Dreamers Stella mentions to Mac that she was working narcotics in 1994.


  • During the fight scene that takes place in the projectionist's booth at the end of the episode, the soundtrack in the background is that from Mission to Mars which also starred Gary Sinise.
  • John Patrick Amedori, who plays T.J. Lindmark, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Count Me Out.
  • Brenna Radding, who plays an eight-year-old Stella, will retake the same role two seasons later in the episode Grounds For Deception.

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