Season 9
Number 11
Writer Trey Callaway
Director Howard Deutch
Original Airdate January 4, 2013
Previous Episode: The Real McCoy
Next Episode: Civilized Lies

Command+P is the eleventh episode in Season Nine of CSI: NY.


The CSIs are confronted with a puzzling mystery when two different victims are linked by the same unusual weapon.


It begins with several people in New York receiving $1 million cashier cheques from a unknown donor, including an NYPD officer who fainted once she received the cheque. At the same time, Mac, Hawkes and Lovato responds to a murder case of attorney-at-law Manny Hinde, who got a fatal gunshot in his head, sitting in his office desk. When Mac removes the bullet which penetrated Manny's head, he had a unusual discovery: There is no ballistic striae on its surface, which suggest the doer used a special weapon to kill Manny.

When the CSI process the crime scene, some kind of mysterious fragments were found all over the scene. With no sign of forced entry, it means the doer knows the victim. The detectives started thinking if Manny's plaintiffs are responsible to his death. They started reviewing the cases files to see if they can find any leads.

When Lindsay meets Danny for lunch at pantry, they shares the difficulty on looking a lead for the Manny Hinde murder to each other: Danny is tired to look into Manny's case files, that he described as "50 Shades of Sleazebag"; while Lindsay is frustrated while analyzing the bullet recovered from the crime scene. Then a TV news report runs in reporting ten New Yorkers receiving $1 million cashier cheques from an unknown donor, who is being referred as "The Guardian Angel". Jo is familiar with one of the recipients' names and noted it down on a napkin before she and Adam are being called to another case.

Jo, Adam and Flack responds to another murder case of Justin Vanderheyden, an college graduate with honors in Engineering, was found shot dead in his rented flat. He had no criminal records and police finds no signs of forced entry in the victim's flat. While processing the scene, Jo and Adam founded a USB flash drive from a keychain nearside Justin's body, what is more, they notice something are missing from the scene: A computer and a large, unknown object.

In the ballistics section of the crime lab, while processing the evidence for Manny Hinde's case, Lindsay and Hawkes discuss about "The Guardian Angel" and see what would each other want to do if receiving such large amount of money. Then Hawkes analyze the mysterious fragments and found gunshot residue on it, but its component has not being seen in other weapon. Lindsay looks through the bullet again but find nothing.

When Jo is going through the case file on Justin's murder, she takes a break to look at the name she noted on a napkin earlier: Mauricio Flores, through the NYPD Database and found out Mauricio's mother was a victim in a robbery-homicide case. Everyone in the M.E. Office is interested about "The Guardian Angel" news, except Sid. Sid examined Justin's body and successfully removed the bullet from his body, which also found no ballistic striae on its surface. That mean there is a connection between the murder of Manny and Justin: They are being murdered by the exact same weapon.

While there is no controversial events on both victims, and there is no known connection between the two victims. Mac and Jo wonders who wants both of them dead? Adam successfully hacked into Justin's phone and the GPS records shown it was at the Triborough Club at Bronx at 7:30pm on the day he was murdered.

While Flack and Lovato reviewing the video from surveillance cameras at the Triborough Club on the night of Justin's murder, they have a very personal chat about the after-work lives of each other, with Flack invites Lovato for a date at his favorite pub where they can play ping-pong and Lovato accepts his invitation. After that, the detectives found Justin entered the Club at 7:50 pm and left at 8:45pm with an unknown male.

Meanwhile, Adam discovered more information from Justin's phone: He is supposed to meet Andy Stein, a venture capitalist at the Triborough Club at 8pm that day. While Mac and Jo interviews Andy Stein at the precinct with the complaints against Stein about stealing other young innovator's ideas and six intellectual property theft cases are currently against him, Stein denies the accusations of these thefts and Justin's murder although he admitted he was at the Triborough Club to suppose to meet Justin there, however, he did not see Justin after an hour of waiting, so he left the club by himself.

Back to the crime lab, Hawkes finds out what kind of innovation Justin is working on which caused him killed: He used the 3D metal printing technique to print a gun, using a self-designed software with raw materials which can access in open market, Justin printed a functionable .38 pistol by his own, that Hawkes successfully doing so in the lab's 3D printer. But the killer of Justin and Manny remains a mystery.

Jo is being stopped by a live press conference on TV, held by billionaire Richard Kemp, who admits he is "The Guardian Angel". While the others seems agreeing what Kemp says, Jo remains skeptical about it, and she looks confident on knowing who is the real "Guardian Angel", after analyzing the envelope which contain the cashier cheque to the NYPD officer.

In the ballistics section, Lindsay tested the printed pistol which made by Hawkes earlier, it was exploded in the second round to fragments which are similar to those recovered from Manny's murder scene. It seems the killer used the printed pistol to kill Justin at first round, and killed Manny in the second round, possibly injuring the killer itself.

When Danny and Lindsay are checking with all the ERs in New York to look for any patient looks like to be suffered with a shrapnel injury, Mac decides to analyze the fragments from Manny's murder scene and successfully found blood trace for a DNA analysis. It was found the blood trace belongs to a Andy Lewis, with a rap sheet of assault with a deadly weapon. He was checked in a ER with burns on his fingers and lacerations on his face. Mac and Danny moves to Lewis's parolee address and found he is using the computer and printing machine from Justin's place to print another pistol. They cuts the power of both machines and attempt to arrest Lewis, but Lewis resists and tries to escape, but the attempt failed, Lewis is being arrested and brought back the precinct.

While Lewis is being interrogated, Jo asked Lewis if he heard the film "North by Northwest", which the plot of the film looks familiar to Justin's fate. Justin met the wrong Andy at the club, and Lewis looks interested after hearing the idea from Justin, which he finds a way for his personal revenge against Manny Hinde, who has an affair with Lewis's wife when he was imprisoned. So he followed to Justin's place to see if his innovation works, once got the confirmation, Lewis immediately used the printed pistol to kill Justin, then move to Manny's office to kill him, but injuring himself as a result.

After closing two murder cases, Flack and Lovato enjoy themselves by playing ping-pong at Flack's favorite pub, and ended up with a romantic kiss outside the pub before Flack drives Lovato back home. Jo pay a visit to Sid's office to tell him she knows Sid is "The Guardian Angel", after Sid's fingerprint is found on one of the recipient's envelope. Sid admits he is the one who give out those cheques, but Jo wonders why Sid is so eager to spend so much money earned from his patent sale to strangers. Sid is sympathetic to these people who have impact more than the loss of their loved ones, so he wants to make his own effort to help them. But what's worse, Sid tells Jo he is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which makes Sid realize it is no matter how much fame you earned in your life, but what kind of contribution you can make to others. Sid asks Jo to keep a secret, Jo agrees but also tells Sid not to give up.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Natalie Martinez as Jamie Lovato
  • Stephen Snedden as Andy Lewis
  • Jeff Branson as Andy Stein
  • Daniel Amerman as Justin Vanderheyden
  • Tyson Turrou as Mauricio Flores
  • Nicole J. Butler as Rhonda Reynolds
  • Victoria Barabas as Reporter
  • Miranda Moore as Rachel Carpenter
  • Brandon Olive as Kevin Carpenter
  • Bill A. Jones as Richard Kemp
  • Roy Abramsohn as Male Reporter

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