Season 2
Number 11
Writer Sunil Nayar,
Corey Miller
Director Scott Lautanen
Original Airdate January 5, 2004
Previous Episode: Extreme
Next Episode: Witness to Murder

Complications is the eleventh episode in Season Two of CSI: Miami.


An anesthesiologist who worked in a beauty clinic is discovered swinging from a rope in his two-story condo, but the investigation points to murder, not suicide. The case intensifies when it's learned that the doctor lost a patient the week before during routine plastic surgery and that the victim's husband believes she was killed.


Although the doctor was found alone, hanging in his own condo, the team quickly realizes that it was staged and they are dealing with a murder. The initial suspect is a man whose wife died during a plastic surgery at the same clinic the victim was working for. It turns out to be a false lead though, the murderer was the nurse of the clinic, who was the lover of the anesthesiologist. When she and the main surgeon visited him to talk about the lawsuit the late woman's husband filed—where the anesthesiologist wanted to confess, thinking they were guilty in the woman's death—she noticed another woman's cigarette. Filled with jealousy and anger, she murdered him.

The parallel storyline is of the man and his late wife's case. He believes that the autopsy, that concluded natural causes as her death, was a fraud from the medical examiner to cover up his colleagues. It turns out that it was simply negligently done by an overtiming examiner, and Alexx has to reexamine the body after exhumation. It reveals the real reason why the woman died: the original implant in her breast was ripped by a great force. When Horatio visits the husband with the new information, he realizes that the force was caused by the sail of his boat—on a cruise she wasn't too keen to join for.


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Major Events[]

  • Dr. Glenn Monroe is introduced for the first time.

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