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Minor Character: Miami
Name Courtney Haywood (née Jill Quinn)
Alias Courtney Haywood
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Spree Killer
Modus Operandi Varied
No. of Victims 3 killed
3 stalked
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Chelsea Hobbs (Haywood)
Kallie Flynn Childress (Quinn)
First Appearance Spring Breakdown

Courtney Haywood (nee Jill Quinn) is a spree killer and stalker appearing in Spring Breakdown in CSI: Miami.


Courtney Haywood used to be named Jill Quinn, who was constantly insulted for her obesity. She was seduced into a relationship by Brad Donner, a young man in her class, but that was merely a play to humiliate her again. One time, when they were having sex, his friends Paul Arnett and Alexis Wilkes barged in with cameras, filming her naked body and insulting her with fat slurs as Donner forced her to hold still. She eventually broke free and ran off crying, the video being cut and spliced before being posted online, her shaming being visible to the world. The video was deleted once Quinn pressed charges, but that was the furthest that happened. She got no help in making her harassers and defamers pay to get her own brand of justice. Once she decided to lose her weight and change her name, she slowly started plotting to get revenge of her own, all culminating during Spring Break in Miami.

Spring Breakdown[]

She started by finding Wilkes, already inebriated and offering to take her back to her apartment when a bouncer was forcing her to leave. When night fell, she woke Wilkes up just before killing her with a clothing iron and stuffing her in a hotel laundry cart. She seduced Donner into letting her in on a threesome he was having with another college woman. When the woman was hit by him and she hit him back before storming off, Courtney was left alone with Donner, before shoving him off the balcony to his death. She finally found Arnett, seducing him out to the beach, where she threw him into a hole in the sand, buried him, and left him to drown from the rising waters. None of them recognized who she was until she revealed so just before killing them all. She then cut her hair and dyed it brunette in the morning and was later interviewed by Calleigh Duquesne and Frank Tripp when her hotel card was found at Wilkes' crime scene, lying that it must've been stolen. When the other woman in the threesome is found, she's brought in for interrogation, admitting she was there, but denying culpability. When a program turning Jill's photo into Courtney's look by weight reduction revealed she was responsible for it all, she was confronted with the damning evidence: the hotel card, the witness at the threesome, and a blond hair she left at Arnett's scene, which matched her DNA. She caved and admitted everything, snapping her hatred at the three and how they walked away. She then bragged about shocking each of them and killing them, while lamenting how she didn't see the signs that Donner was only using her. When Jesse Cardoza said her changes should've made her happy instead of vengeful, she defends herself by never forgiving what she went through and saying the trio deserved their deaths. When Horatio Caine asks if life in prison is worth it, referring to her as Jill, she smugly states she's ready for it. She walks out confidently in cuffs, but when she gets to her cell she mourns herself, flashing back to when she was Jill when she sits and ponders the timeline of what she suffered and then did about it. It's also implied that she regains the weight she lost.

Modus Operandi[]

Jill as Courtney used her new identity to stalk and kill the three college kids who humiliated her for previously being overweight. She caught them when they were vulnerable during their celebrations of Spring Break, then when she asked if they remembered her, she would say "I was the fat girl whose life you destroyed". She then immediately murdered each of them with means on hand, from pushing off a balcony to burying in the sand to drown to beating with a clothing iron. She then dyed and cut her hair to cover her tracks and prepared her lies to avoid suspicion.

Known Victims[]

  • Alexis Wilkes (bludgeoned twice in her head with a clothes iron)
  • Brad Donner (thrown off a balcony; shot with a flare gun by and impaled on a metal pole)
  • Paul Arnett (thrown into and buried neck high in the sand, kicked in his jaw; left to drown in the tides)


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