Daddy's Little Girl
Season 6
Number 12
Writer Henry Alonso Myers,
Sarah Goldfinger
Director Terrence O'Hara
Original Airdate January 19, 2006
Previous Episode: Werewolves
Next Episode: Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

Daddy's Little Girl is the twelfth episode in Season Six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs investigate the stabbing of a motocross racer who was about to leave town with a woman he had been living with. Meanwhile, as Nick investigates the death of an attorney hit by her own car, he comes closer to the truth about his kidnapping.


Victim: Ahren Green (deceased)

On the case: Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown, Jim Brass

The body of Ahren Green is found in the garage of Bianca Desmond's house with a stab wound to the upper leg. Bianca is with another woman, Chelsea Wannamaker; Chelsea is the one who discovered the body. Warrick wonders why Ahren was in the garage working on his bike when he could've been in the house partying with two attractive women. Grissom comments that, in his experience, a threesome ends up being one too many.

In the garage, Grissom finds a scratch mark on the floor and tape lifts evidence from it. Warrick notes how organized the garage is, but wonders why Ahren's helmet is across the room. Grissom hypothesizes that Ahren threw the helmet to defend himself.

Inside the house, Sara processes Bianca and finds splotches on her hands; Bianca replies that she was cleaning with bleach before Ahren was killed. Brass questions Bianca about Ahren. She tells him that she and Ahren had met six months ago at a club, and it was love at first sight. They were planning to move to Colorado to live in her father's cabin. Bianca tearfully tells Brass that she has the worst luck in men—they either end being jerks, leaving her, or getting killed.

Greg and Sara find several containers of teeth whitener and acne cream in Bianca's bathroom cabinet, leading them to believe that she's a speed freak. They then search the bedroom and find evidence of sexual activity on the bedsheets. Greg thinks that if Bianca killed Ahren and came upstairs to take a shower, she would've left behind a blood trail. He searches and finds a blood spot in the carpet. Down in the living room, Brass speaks with Chelsea, who tells him that she, Bianca and Ahren went to a bunch of clubs and partied while under the influence of drugs. Meanwhile, in the garage, Warrick steps in a sticky liquid and finds that one of the nearby soda cans has a bullet hole in it. He empties the can, retrieves the bullet, and calls David Phillips to have him test Ahren's hands for gunshot residue.

Doc Robbins tells Grissom that Ahren didn't suffer any gunshot wounds; however, he had perimortem bruises on his wrists and forearms. The cause of death was a punctured femoral artery caused by something triangular in shape that pierced the skin at an upward angle.

Bobby Dawson tells Warrick that the bullet recovered from the soda can didn't have enough individual characteristics to be run through IBIS. Meanwhile, Hodges lets Warrick know that Ahren didn't have any gunshot residue on his hands. He adds that he has not yet determined what the metallic trace on the garage floor consists of.

It's found that the blood from the bedroom floor is a match to a Justin Cole, who has priors for statutory rape and drug possession. In interrogation, Justin says that he and Bianca were living together several months ago. One day, he walked into the bedroom and was shot in the leg by a mystery assailant who told him to stay away from Bianca. He packed up his stuff, moved out, and claims he hasn't seen Bianca since. Justin tells Greg and Brass that he doesn't know who shot him and that he didn't report it because of his prior for statutory rape. He didn't go to the hospital and shows them that the bullet is still in his leg. The bullet is removed and given to Bobby Dawson.

Warrick shows Grissom all of the tools from the garage and says that most of them don't match the shape and size of Ahren's wound; those that do don't have blood on them. He also questions why someone would stab Ahren when they had a gun. Grissom guesses that Ahren was able to disarm his attacker, and the attacker grabbed whatever was handy. Warrick admires out how organized Ahren was, but shows Grissom a red screwdriver that didn't fit in any of the spaces on the pegboard. Grissom has him print it.

The print from the screwdriver comes back to a Tom Harper, who works for the Nevada Connect phone company. Brass questions him, and he remembers installing some DSL lines at Bianca's house a few days ago. When told that a screwdriver was found at her house next to a dead guy, Tom says that he lost an awl at a job recently and tells Brass that he'll send over a work order to confirm that.

Bobby Dawson confirms that the bullets pulled from the soda can and Justin's leg were fired from the same gun; however, there were no hits in IBIS. Hodges tells Greg, Sara and Warrick that the metallic scrapes from the garage floor were titanium, while Tom's screwdriver was carbon steel. Phone records show that Bianca's father, Harry, called her a few hours before Tom's murder to talk about her moving to the cabin in Colorado; they recognize Harry Desmond as being the owner of a Vegas convenience store chain and being worth a lot of money. Sara wonders if Harry is the culprit, as maybe he was trying to protect his money from Ahren. Wendy tells them that the sex stains from the bedsheets had three donors—Ahren, Bianca and Chelsea. She reveals that Chelsea is actually Bianca's mother.

Brass interviews Harry. He claims that he wouldn't kill his daughter's boyfriends because there would be other guys lining up to take their place. Harry is happy that Bianca and Chelsea are spending time together, but is speechless when told that they were sleeping with the same guy. He confirms to Brass that he keeps guns in his house, and Brass tells him that the police are going to need to see them.

None of Harry's guns match the bullets that were found at the scene; however, Chelsea recently purchased a .22 in her name that wasn't picked up with the warrant for the other guns. In interrogation, Chelsea tells Warrick that the gun was stolen out of her purse one night when they went clubbing. She admits that, while high on ecstasy, Ahren mistook her for Bianca when she was laying in bed, but they had sex anyway. Bianca caught them, but she seemed to work things out with Ahren, as they announced shortly afterwards that they were moving to Colorado.

Sara and Warrick head back to Bianca's house and are surprised to find the front door unlocked. They enter the house with guns drawn and find Bianca lying on the couch with a black eye and other bruises on her face. Sara visits Bianca in the hospital and guesses that whoever did this to her also killed Ahren. She also believes Bianca knows who that person is, but she refuses to say. Sara notices some bruising on Bianca's neck; when a nurse touches the area for swelling, Sara collects her glove as evidence. She's told by the nurse that Bianca refused a sexual assault exam.

The substance collected from Bianca's neck came back as creosote, which is a timber preservative found on fences, telephone poles, and railroad ties. Warrick remembers that Tom works on telephone poles and pulls up a work order for Bianca's DSL line from December 18, which happened to fall on a Sunday. He questions how many workers work on a Sunday. Sara tests the ink on the work order and finds that two different inks were used; the work order was actually from February 18 and the "1" was added to the date to make it December.

Sara shows Grissom and Warrick Bianca's phone records, pointing out that she made numerous calls to Tom, Justin and Ahren, adding that there was always overlap. She reveals that Bianca called Tom a few times a day for a few months until Justin entered the picture. There were ten days of overlap until calls to Tom stopped; they started up again after Justin was shot and moved out. Ahren then entered the picture; once again, calls to Tom started up again after Ahren was killed.

Sara and Brass find Tom at work climbing down a telephone pole; a camera closeup shows the spikes attached to his shoes. Sara looks closely at the spikes and sees blood on one of them.

Tom is brought for questioning. Brass shows him a picture of the top of the telephone pole near Bianca's house; the wires are cut. Tom was tapping into Bianca's phone lines in order to keep tabs on her. When he overheard her tell her father that she was moving to Colorado, he confronted Ahren in the garage. Tom pointed a gun at Ahren and told him to stay away from Bianca, but Ahren refused. They got in a fight, with Ahren getting the upper hand after knocking Tom's gun away. While lying on the ground, Tom kicked Ahren, with the spike on the shoe piercing his leg. Tom picked up his gun and gear and ran off as Ahren bled out. He tells Brass that he wanted Bianca to be happy, but Brass says that he only wanted her to be happy with him. Tom admits to scaring off Justin, and Brass guesses that when Bianca didn't go back to him, he beat her. He tells Brass that he and Chelsea weren't always going to be around to clean up Bianca's messes and admits that Chelsea asked him to hurt Bianca's suitors.

In interrogation, Warrick tells Bianca that they have calls to Tom from Bianca's house that she didn't make. Records also indicate that Chelsea called Tom from her cell phone around the time Justin was shot and Ahren was killed. Chelsea admits to having Tom scare Justin away because she thought Justin was after Bianca's money. She then tells Warrick and Brass that she was attracted to Ahren and wanted to keep him away from both her and her daughter. Warrick can't believe that she would unleash Tom, an unstable man who was in love with her daughter, on these men. She had to have known that things weren't going to end well.

Victim: Sylvia Mullins (deceased)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Sofia Curtis

In a parking garage, the body of Sylvia Mullins is found pinned between a car and a wall. Sofia tells Catherine and Nick that Sylvia was run down with her own car in her own personalized parking spot. Inside the car, Catherine sees that the air bag went off and notes that a vehicle needs to be going at least 14 miles per hour for that to happen. She also sees that somebody popped the ignition and hypothesizes that this could be a carjacking gone bad, resulting in Sylvia being run down.

Nick tells Catherine that there were no prints found inside Sylvia's car. They visit Archie, who shows them security camera footage from the garage. An hour before the murder occurred, the killer adjusted the focus on the camera. Catherine notes that this means the murder was premediated, and Nick says that he'll see if he can get some prints off of the camera.

Nick goes through Sylvia's purse and finds a tape recorder and a planner. In the planner, he's surprised to find an entry for Kelly Gordon and her father, Walter, who was involved in his kidnapping and being buried alive. Nick fast forwards the recorder and listens to a meeting Sylvia had with Kelly where Kelly asked about her father's estate. He then calls Kelly's probation officer and is told that she was allowed to travel out of town and left a few hours ago.

An unhappy Kelly is brought in for questioning. She admits to meeting with Sylvia the day before, for she was the one handling her father's estate. Nick guesses that, while working in the prison garage, Kelly learned how to steal cars. A flashback shows Kelly sitting in Sylvia's car and running her over. Kelly maintains her innocence, saying that Sylvia was her father's friend and that she was helping her get back on her feet. She also says that she served time in prison for something she didn't do and asks why she would kill someone as soon as she was released. Nick has Kelly hold out her hands in order to test for air bag dust; he notices the tattoo on her left hand that she got in prison.

Nick tells Catherine that there was no air bag dust found under Kelly's fingernails. Combined with the fact that there were no usable prints on the parking garage camera, Kelly will have to be released from holding. Sylvia's planner shows that she made a lot of international calls, mainly to the Cayman Islands. Nick wonders if Sylvia was siphoning money from her clients, which would give someone motive for murder.

Later, in another room in the lab, Nick pulls up files on both Kelly and Sylvia. Upon clicking on Kelly's file, he finds that new evidence was logged in; it's the voice recording Walter left for Nick when he was buried alive. At the end of the recording, Nick hears Walter ask someone if the recording was okay; another voice replies that it was perfect. Nick sees that the recording was logged into evidence by Grissom. He talks to Archie and asks him to compare Kelly's voice with the mystery voice on the tape. Archie assumes that Grissom told Nick about the recording and is busted when Nick denies it.

Nick meets with Grissom and tells him that he found that, through voice comparison, Sylvia was the mystery voice on Walter's recording. He guesses that since Sylvia was Walter's ex-business manager, she had something to do with his kidnapping. Grissom surmises that with Sylvia dead, Nick's ordeal is over.

Catherine tells Nick that Archie was able to isolate a frame from the parking garage camera. She shows him a photo of a hand turning the focus ring; the hand has a flower tattoo on it. Nick knows that Kelly is guilty.

Nick, Sofia and some uniformed officers head to Kelly's apartment. Inside, they find Kelly sitting at the foot of her bed. When Kelly is stood up to be arrested, they see that she's rather lethargic. Kelly tells Nick that she killed Sylvia because she told her that Walter left her nothing. She says that the ransom for Nick's kidnapping was Sylvia's idea and that she took the money that actually belonged to Kelly. Nick notices a pill bottle on the nightstand, and Kelly falls back on the bed and starts to convulse. As the paramedics are called, Kelly stops convulsing and Sofia administers CPR.


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  • I Like the Way by Bodyrockers


Sara: Freud would have a field day with this family.
Warrick: Dad loves his daughter, but mom only sees the daughter as competition.
Sara: And everyone wonders why Bianca can't meet a nice boy.
Warrick: Bianca eats nice boys for brunch.


  • Nick finds the tape recorder, listens to where it's currently at, and then rewinds it, and plays it further back on the tape. While he's doing all of this, you can see it's in his left hand, the hand closest to the camera (which is on an angle because his hand would've been blocking it). However, as soon as he listens to it, when the camera angle changes, it's suddenly in his right hand while he listens and starts walking around the room.
  • When Sara is pointing to the various phone records with her finger where she's standing, where her arms are and where she's supposed to be pointing is inconsistent. She would have to move unreasonably fast in order for the timing to match up.
  • When Kelly's heart stops, Sofia proceeds to do CPR. However, in order for the CPR to be effective, Kelly would've to been moved off the bed onto the ground or another hard surface in order for the chest to compress; she wouldn't have been able to compress her chest the correct depth.
  • Warrick wasn't wearing gloves when he picked up the screwdriver that Grissom said needed to be printed.


  • Taylor Cole, who played Bianca Desmond, appeared in CSI:Miami twice, playing two different characters. She appeared in ten episodes in Season Ten, playing CSI Samantha Owens.

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