Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Dale Durney
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Motel Manager
Pathology Robber
Modus Operandi Trapdoor
No. of Victims 1 robbed
1 killed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Kirk Bovill
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Dale Durney is the hotel manager before Mark and Nicole Jones and a robber, appearing in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation


Durney ran the Park Pines Motel on Freemont in Las Vegas. He realized his robber and con clients would stash their cash in his ceilings. Thus, he fitted the rooms with automatic locks in the tiles so he'd have the stashes to himself, as he knew the codes alone. One such client was Harry Steadwell, whom he successfully robbed with the mechanism. Steadwell was arrested before he could get the money back, so Durney to the chance to take it from the ceiling. It would prove to be a literally fatal move, as he was electrocuted by exposed wiring in the attic. He went missing, and soon, Mark and Nicole Jones took ownership of the hotel, keeping their adopted daughter Haley to live there with them. Steadwell came back, on Nick Stokes' birthday, to get the money from the ceiling. He had a shotgun set against the wall, but he was startled when it went off from catching on the magnet. He tumbled down and hit his head, dying in seconds. The CSIs were called to his death, where Stokes met Haley for the first time out of three, and the team soon found Durney's corpse rotting in the attic, not taking too long to put the case together and close it. The investigation would lead to Stokes making Haley's acquaintance.

Known Victims[]

  • Harry Steadwell (robbed of his money stash; indirectly scared into falling and hitting his head)