Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Dalton Betton
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Serial Bomber
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Doug Hutchison
First Appearance Immortality

"Finally, I have all the power."

Dalton Betton is a proxy serial bomber who made himself a formidable nemesis of Gil Grissom. He appeared in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation finale Immortality.


Betton developed a romantic obsession with his therapist Heather Kessler, but he could never muster the courage to make advances towards her. He later made outlandish claims that he was the first man to undergo Heather's sex therapy. At some point of his life, he developed lymphoma. Three months prior to Immortality, Heather shut down her psychiatry practice after her granddaughter was struck and killed by a car. Learning of this, Betton went into a downwards spiral and blamed Gil Grissom for the recent events, believing that he turned her submissive after stopping her from killing Leon Sneller, a man who murdered her daughter. As a result, Betton hypnotized former patients of Heather's and turned them into suicide bombers.


"She quit me because of you!"

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Modus Operandi[]

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Known Victims[]

  • 2015:
    • Heather Kessler (assaulted)
    • Gil Grissom (stalked)
    • Leon Sneller (the killer of Heather's daughter; killed by unknown causes and sent his body to the crime lab)
    • The Eclipse casino bombing (five fatalities):
      • Mr. Karmimi (the suicide bomber; killed)
      • Romina Gonzalez (killed)
      • Three unnamed people (all killed)
      • Dozens of unnamed people (all injured)
    • The elementary school bombing (two fatalities):
      • Rebecca O'Bryan (the suicide bomber; killed)
      • Numerous unnamed parents and children (attempted; all escaped)
      • Anthony Hurst (the bomb squad officer; killed)
    • The bombing at Heather's house (one fatality):
      • The unnamed female suicide bomber (killed)
      • Jim Brass (attempted, but survived; suffered minor burns as a result of the explosion)
      • Sara Sidle (attempted)
      • Several unnamed police officers (attempted)
    • The attempted apartment complex bombing:


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