Minor Character: Miami
Name Dan Becks
Gender Male
Family Christina Dodd
Unnamed son
City Miami
Occupation Army veteran
Pathology Assailant
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
Status Unknown
Portrayed By James MacDonald
First Appearance Cheating Death

Dan Becks is an assailant and the husband of prostitute Christina Dodd.


A military veteran, Becks' DNA was on file from an assault with a deadly weapon charge. Becks married Dodd, who ended up prostituting herself at the Tremaine Hotel for many when she was mistaken for a professional prostitute. Becks was furious finding out the truth, going to the hotel to confront Dodd, when she was passed after being drugged by male prostitute Steve Howell, Howell handcuffed to the bed frame by Dodd before she went unconscious. Becks saw the scene and threatened Howell with his army combat knife, but when Howell just taunted him, Becks stabbed the knife into the bed frame and left it there, before he left. Another woman, Lisa Radley, who was drugged and robbed by Howell, came later and stabbed him to death with the knife before taking it with her and leaving the two sex workers at the scene.

Becks' DNA was found when Dodd was process with a rape exam. He revealed their marriage and said their son's Little League game was his alibi. But casting Howell's wounds when posing him like he was at the scene proved the combat knife was the murder weapon. Becks admitted to arriving at the scene and harassing Howell, but not killing him. Radley was eventually arrested, and Dodd's and Becks' legal statuses were left unknown.