Minor Character: Miami
Dan cooper
Name Dan Cooper
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former Audio/Visual
Lab Tech
Pathology Robber

Dirty cop
Corrupt Law Enforcement Officer

Status Imprisoned
Portrayed By Brendan Fehr
First Appearance From the Grave

Dan Cooper was a Lab Tech who became the new Audio/Visual Tech after Tyler Jenson's departure. Cooper was played by Brendan Fehr.

Season Four[]

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Season Five[]

He believes a great deal of information can be discerned by what music a person has on his or her MP3 playlist ("A Grizzly Murder").

Season Six[]

He had a good relationship with the Crime Lab personnel and also the CSIs up until the Season 6 episode "Bang, Bang, Your Debt," when it is discovered that he's stolen and used a credit card that belonged to the late Tim Speedle, to the outrage of Delko and Calleigh, who told him to turn himself in or she would issue a warrant for his arrest.

Presumably, this instance of identity theft was the final nail in the coffin for Cooper and ended his career at the lab, prompting him to resign from the lab for good and also in disgrace. As a result, he holds a personal grudge against Calleigh for this, despite the fact that she doesn't press charges, and steals the flashcard out of her camera at a crime scene to put the pictures on a website which he has created to "take her down a notch."

He also changes her cell number and posts it on the site and she is kidnapped from a "lead" ("Ambush"). After an enraged Delko confronts him, Cooper later feels remorseful and turns in evidence that helps the team track down Calleigh, free her and arrest her kidnappers (obviously leading to his arrest off-screen).

He was replaced by Dave Benton.


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