Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Daniel Pritchard
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Police Officer
Pathology Serial Killer
Dirty Cop
Modus Operandi Varied
No. of Victims 3 killed
1 attempted
1 assaulted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By David Gianopoulos
First Appearance For Gedda

Daniel Pritchard was a serial killer, hitman, and corrupt officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and a hitman working for Jeffrey McKeen.

Season Eight[]


When Warrick starts investigating Lou Gedda, Jeffrey had Daniel murder a stripper named Candy and framed Warrick Brown for the murder, while providing another scapegoat, a homeless man named Richard Dorsey, so Warrick would not go down for murder.

For Gedda[]

Later McKeen had Daniel kill an ex-cop turned private detective named Leonard Harper when he started digging into Gedda at Warrick's request. McKeen later uses Pritchard to kill Gedda and attempted to have Warrick put away by framing him for the murder. When Pritchard is found out to be the real killer he goes on the run intending to head to Mexico not knowing his boss Jeffrey has framed him for murder as well.

Season Nine[]

For Warrick[]

Daniel meets McKeen at his motel room where the latter explains what he just did to him and they both flee to Mexico together. Daniel realized quickly he was McKeen's hostage and tried to use his gun to intimidate him but McKeen told him he removed the bullets. Daniel tried to grab the steering wheel to kill McKeen but the car flipped over and Daniel was killed instantly.

Modus Operandi[]

Daniel killed his known victims using a variety of methods like stabbing or shooting. However, before he killed them he would chloroform them and anyone else with them at the time to sedate them. When disposing of the bodies he would use a casket and hide the body in it where it was to be buried. If he couldn't dispose of the body he would frame someone else for the murder, usually Warrick Brown.

Known Victims[]

  • 2008:
    • March 4: Joanna "Candy" Krumsky (dancer at Gedda's club;throat slit ; framed Warrick Brown and Richard Dorsey for the murder)
    • May 14: Leonard Harper (private investigator hired by Warrick; suffocated; killed for getting too close to Gedda)
    • May 15:
      • Lou Gedda (his boss; tied to a chair, tortured by beating and shot to death; framed Warrick Brown for the murder)
      • Warrick Brown (assaulted and drugged with chloroform, knocking him out)
    • May 17: Jeffrey McKeen (attempted to kill)

Known Bosses[]


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