Minor Character: Miami
Danny Maxwell
Name Danny Maxwell
Gender Male
Family Unspecified extended family of firefighters (status varied)
City Miami
Occupation Firefighter candidate (formerly)
Club bouncer
Pathology Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Beating and Stabbing
No. of Victims 18+ killed
Dozens injured
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Ben Browder
First Appearance Tinder Box

Danny Maxwell is an arsonist and a mass murderer appearing in Tinder Box in CSI:Miami.


Maxwell was from a family of firefighters, esteemed in their lineage and civil service, which he hoped to carry on himself. He adamantly applied, but he was rejected despite his history and enthusiasm, three separate times. It's also revealed he was a close friend of Eric Delko and enjoyed good Samaritan work, like volunteering and donating blood. But still yearning for the title of official firefighting work (and overcome with Hero Syndrome), Maxwell decided to "play the hero" at the club he worked at as a bouncer. He prepared himself for setting a fire using rum spills that would go off from the DJ's pyrotechnics. Bartender Johnny Brosnan, however, soon caught him while getting more drinks from the backstage cellar. In a fight, Maxwell stabbed Brosnan to death with a broken bottle, then poured rum over him to frame him and mask his identity long enough to throw off the arson investigation.

Tinder Box[]

Delko and Tim Speedle were partying at the club the night of the fire, Maxwell and the two CSIs warning greeting each other. By the time the fire broke out, Maxwell jumped in, spraying a fire extinguisher to douse the flames. Unfortunately, the pyrophysics of the fire and accelerants made it too uncontrollable to only use an extinguisher on, and with Maxwell having chained the back door, the clubbers has to escape out the front. Horrifically, at least seventeen more people died as a result of the catastrophe, including Connie Maxwell, whom the CSIs were flirting with on the dance floor, after being trampled and her lungs being smoked by the hot air. Jill Susan suffered the same lung damage, but she made it out of the building; yet when she went to a high-end hotel room with Judge Odeja, whom mutually shared an affair with her, she so violently coughed in the shower, her head smashed into the faucet and she died. With at least eighteen deaths and dozens more people critically and minorly injured, the CSIs combed through the suspects. Delko refused to consider Maxwell as a suspect, but after finding out about his history, it only became more damning against him, especially when they needed a sample of his DNA to test against blood he left at Brosnan's murder, once Brosnan was found hours later. Delko visits Maxwell at another blood draw, and when trying to question him, Maxwell got uneasy and took offense to Delko's insinuations before storming out. But when Maxwell tossed his bandage, Delko took it and the CSIs tested his blood, which was a conclusive match. he was brought in and taken into custody, where he gave a full confession, even to the fire getting too out of control from poorly managing the set up. To Delko's devastation from Maxwell's culpability, the arsonist and mass murderer is then arrested and incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Maxwell targeted the club he worked at as a personal location to save people from the fire he started. He chained the back door so people couldn't escape to show it as an obvious criminal setup but also to keep them from running so they wouldn't miss his "heroism". He doused the curtains of and behind the stage all the way back to the drink closet with rum, set up to ignite from the DJ table's pyrotechnics. He then stepped in with an extinguisher, but couldn't control the flames, which, along with the chained back door, resulted in sixteen people being killed by the fire or chaos, including Connie Wilkes, whose spleen ruptured from being trampled and lungs were burned from the hot air from the indoor flames. Jill Susan, having an affair with Judge Ojeda, later died in a hotel shower, part from her lungs also being burnt the same way and from her head smashing into the faucet from her violent coughing as she suffocated. Johnny Brosnan, the club bartender, caught Maxwell before the fire, Maxwell stabbed him with a broken rum bottle from the struggle, pouring the rum over him postmortem so he'd also be engulfed in the flames and indirectly framed for the crimes. By various other means, dozens of other people suffered critical and minor injuries and other harm as collateral from Maxwell's crimes, even possibly dying later as a result from the extent of the physical trauma they suffered.

Known Victims[]

  • Johnny Brosnan (stabbed in his abdomen with a broken rum bottle; dosed with rum and set on fire postmortem)
  • Connie Maxwell (trampled until her spleen burst and suffocated on hot, compressed air, which charred her lungs)
  • 15 unidentified people (all killed by various means)
  • Jill Susan (suffocated on hot compressed air, which charred her lungs; survived, but later cracked her skull on a hotel shower faucet while suffocating)
  • Dozens of unidentified people (all critically and minorly injured by various means; at least one likely death later once injuries worsened)
  • Eric Delko and Tim Speedle (nearly killed from the fire and panicked crowds; both escaped)