Minor Character: Miami
Name Dante Kroll
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former MMA Fighter
Pathology Spree Killer

Cop killer

Modus Operandi Beating or shooting once in the head
No. of Victims 4
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Franky G
First Appearance Caged

"Look, he stole my career! I was the best fighter and he knew it!"

Dante Kroll is a spree killer and former MMA fighter who appeared in Caged (Miami) of CSI: Miami. He is also one of the Miami West Five who broke out of prison along with Memmo Fierro, Jack Toller, Tex Gilroy, and Patrick Clarkson.


Dante was once a competitive mixed martial arts fighter and a rising star in the circuit. He trained together with Logan Shepherd, with whom he had a brotherly friendship towards. Despite being a rising star, he only won one match on February 12, 2003. After that, he got into a bar fight and ended up killing a man in the process. At his trial, Logan testified against him and he was sent to prison for twenty years. After serving eight years of his sentence, he got together with eight other prisoners led by Joe LeBrock in a plan to escape. The plan ended up being implemented sooner then expected and Dante was able to escape with four of his accomplices. After that, he parted ways with the other prisoners and started waiting for Logan's championship match so he could exact his revenge and make some money.

Season Nine[]


When the time of the championship match was nearing, Dante puts his plan into action by first stopping a local guard of the arena named Tim Garrigan, posing as a cop. After getting him out of his car, Dante beats him to death and steals his duffel bag, which contains equipment. After that, he contacts his old associate Mike Darrow and tells him of his plan to rob the arena, promising him a cut if he does something for him. Dante contacts Logan after he and Mike abduct Logan's wife Brooke, forcing him into throwing the fight to give Dante a way out of the arena after he steals the money. He then puts his plan into action, sneaking into the arena and heading to the vault. Once the guard opens the door for him, Dante kills him and steals the money. The CSI team arrive to try and stop Dante, and though he is captured, he eventually manages to fight off Wolfe and escapes. He meets up with Logan, takes him to Brooke, and then shoots him afterwards, saying they are now even. Dante goes to pick up his gloves from his hideout and kills a cop along the way. Just then, backup shows up; Dante raises his gun toward Horatio, to which he is shot by him in self-defense. He survives, but only to cry out that he is the victim. He then attempts to shoot Horatio again, only to be shot again and killed.

Modus Operandi[]

Dante's skills as mixed martial artist made him a deadly weapon even when he was unarmed, and as a result, he beat his victims to death with ease. After his escape, he used these skills to attack people, but later changed his M.O. to shooting people once in the head with a handgun.

Known Victims[]

  • February 12, 2003: Unnamed man (beaten to death)
  • The April 10, 2011 killing spree:
    • Tim Garrigan (beaten to death like the previous victim; stole his duffel bag)
    • Brooke Shepherd (abducted with Mike Darrow's help; was rescued)
    • The Miami Metro Arena robbery (one casualty):
      • Unnamed security guard (shot once in the head)
      • Horatio Caine (attempted; shot at along with Delko, but missed both)
      • Eric Delko (attempted; shot at, but missed)
      • Ryan Wolfe (assaulted)
      • Unnamed medic (assaulted)
    • Logan Shepherd (attempted, but barely survived; shot once in the chest)
    • The shooting at his hideout:
      • Unnamed cop (shot once in the head)
      • Horatio Caine (attempted to shoot twice)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Mike Darrow (incarcerated)
  • Logan Shepherd (blackmailed him to use the fight as a diversion during the Arena robbery; was vindicated)


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