Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Darcy Blaine and Bob Geer
Alias Vivian Sinclair (Blaine)
Gender Female (Blaine)
Male (Geer)
Family Walter Blaine (Blaine; father)
Unidentified husband (Blaine)
Two unidentified daughters (Blaine)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Business Partner (Geer)
Pathology Incriminators
Proxy Robbers
Proxy Killers
Murderer (Blaine)
Modus Operandi Framing for murder
Proxy burglary
Reckless Endangerment
No. of Victims 1 framed
2 killed by proxy
1 robbed
1 killed (Blaine)
Status Incarcerated (Blaine)
Deceased (Geer)
Portrayed By Bethany Joy Lenz (Blaine)
Adam Johnson (Geer)
First Appearance Frame by Frame

Darcy Blaine and Bob Geer are two incriminators responsible for framing socialite Jack Witten. When they realized there was still evidence of their crimes, they later hired two high-school robbers, and once that nose-dived south, Blaine became a murderer.


Blaine was a kid socialite and the daughter of Walter Blaine, a notorious movie tycoon residing in Las Vegas with Darcy and her mother. As she would later reveal, Walter would supposedly repeatedly molest and/or rape Darcy in her bed when her mother was sleeping. The regular trauma and victimization would send her into a downward spiral in her later childhood years involving drugs, partying, and juvenile delinquency, of which she not only gained a record for, but her mother and Walter regularly bailed her out on. When she attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings, she met another young socialite, Jack Witten, who was dedicated to his recovery and heir to the fortune of his father, another film tycoon who collected art for decades. The two became friends, and Witten supported her through her therapy, seeing her as the daughter he never had and feeling significantly protective of her. Eventually, in 2000, Blaine had enough of her trauma and decided to get away for good, with the assistance of Bob Geer, Witten's business partner who was helping him with his plans for a casino. She collaborated with him to frame Witten for what would be assumed as her murder. When the day came, she went home with Witten when he was wasted, got him passed out in his bed, and staged herself to look dead with Geer's help. When Witten woke up, Geer conned him out of hundreds of thousands to split between the two conspirators, taking photos as insurance, and left Blaine's car as "evidence" on a cliffside road to look like she'd been thrown off the edge after she "died". Conrad Ecklie and Catherine Willows were among the old CSI team who devoted their resources to the then-unsolved case. With the set up in place, and Witten the prime suspect and ruined to the point he had no contacts and became reclusive, Blaine split the money with Geer and changed her name to Vivian Sinclair, moving away from Vegas into hiding. Over the next 15 years, she'd grow up and marry another man, having two daughters, her gratitude fully spent on the life she made for herself. But in 2013, her luck seemed to run out when Geer called and told her he have crucial footage of her in a roll of film because it was in Witten's mansion vault. It was time stamped months after she escaped, which would prove she set the whole thing up. Out of horror and scared to be found out, Blaine conspired with Geer again for another operation, this time with high school burglars Emily Bridwell and Gwen Onetta, whom they hired to steal the film back.

Frame by Frame[]

But the whole thing was a bust when Onetta picked up Witten and got him wasted again to get in, only when she let Bridwell in and the two found the film, Bridwell found out Onetta was having sex with her boyfriend and killed her in a jealous rage. Witten was again suspected but of the new murder, especially after Bridwell was found in his vault where the film was, having swallowed the role and tied herself up to throw off suspicion. By the time they exonerated Witten and fingered Bridwell, it was too late for her, as she died from silver poisoning from the film she swallowed. After that whole disaster, Blaine panicked and shot Geer dead to cover up her involvement and still being alive, ready to leave so no one would know. But having found Geer's corpse and restored the film, Sara Sidle stopped her as she as checking out of her hotel and getting into a taxi to leave with her suitcase. She was taking into custody and confronted with all the evidence. She said the shooting was self-defense and Witten was using her like all the other men in her life, and when she was confronted with Geer's culpability with her and insulted over the damage she had done, she caved, admitted her remorse, and confessed to what she did, revealing she did it all to evade Walter over what she suffered for years, saying she assumes Water was "devastated" over her disappearance. When Sidle again mentions she shot Geer to protect herself, she defends herself saying she changed and she's not cold-blooded, having made a life for herself and mentioning the family she loves. Sidle still has none of it and says because of what she put Witten through and her new attempts to hide herself again, she'll never change. Blaine later passes Witten by when she's being arrested, giving a look of pleading apology to him for her actions, before she's walked off, with Witten wondering what he could've done to save her because he cared about her so much. She's soon after incarcerated for all the crimes she committed and set up.

Modus Operandi[]

Blaine and Geer framed Witten with an elaborate layout of a plan to make it look like Witten killed Blaine and then dumped her body. Witten was drugged when Blaine got him wasted at the casino, then brought him home to cool down. She then brought Geer in to stage her to look like she was dead, blackmailed Witten with 750 grand, and took pictures as evidence to reinforce the incrimination. The two left Blaine's car out on a cliffside road, splashing Blaine's dawn blood mixed with a roofie in the trunk to make it look like a body dump, then Blaine took the money and fled to stat her life, living under her new name, Vivian Sinclair, named after her mother's maiden name and Vivian Leigh, her favorite movie celebrity. When it was found out 15 years later a roll of film revealed Blaine was still alive, they hired amateur high school burglars Bridwell and Onetta to break into Witten's mansion to get it back. When Bridwell killed Onetta out of jealousy, then died from swallowing the film, Blaine shot Geer once in his right temple to tie loose ends. She came into Vegas and planned to leave Vegas under her new name, but that was thwarted.

Known Victims[]

  • Jack Witten (framed for Blaine's "murder" for fifteen years; ultimately failed)
  • Bob Geer (shot once in the right temple by Blaine)

Victims by Proxy[]

Committed by Gwen Onetta and Emily Bridwell on Geer's and Blaine's orders, or by reckless endangerment:

  • Jack Witten (burglarized his home; attempted to steal incriminating film; failed)
  • Gwen Onetta (struck in the back of her head with a flashlight by Bridwell)
  • Emily Bridwell (swallowed the film and tied herself up in Witten's vault as a ruse; died from silver poisoning from the material)

Known Accomplices[]


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