Minor Character: Miami
Name Darren Ripley
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Check casher
Pathology Counterfeiter
Modus Operandi Counterfeiting
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Rick Hoffman
First Appearance Hostile Takeover

Darren Ripley is a counterfeiter and ex-business partner of hostage taker Matthew Sloan appearing in Hostile Takeover in CSI:Miami.


Ripley ran a business with Sloan as a partner, until the business fell through from Ripley trying to get kickbacks from counterfeit cash. Sloan lost his life savings, and already being cut off from is son Jason with his ex-wife Tanya battering Jason and her new husband Lloyd setting him up for a burglary to get an illicit restraining order, Sloan snapped and took hostages at the MDPD crime lab. After much heated conflict and one hostage having been critically shot and needing to be wheeled out for immediate medical attention, Horatio Caine, specifically requested to handle his case by Sloan, received the demands of one hundred thousand dollars from Ripley's business. Ripley was appalled and at first refused from baseless ground, but when the team promises an IOU, he gives up the cash in disgruntlement. The cash is left behind and Sloan distracts using the hostages to escape, but the team figures out the money itself was the focus and find the trademark signs of counterfeiting. Ripley's interrogated, reveals Sloan's identity, and is arrested and incarcerated, as is Sloan after getting the Arringtons arrested for what happened to Jason.