David Lee Smith is an American actor, known for his role as John Oldman, the protagonist of the 2007 science fiction film, The Man from Earth; he co-starred with John Billingsley and Tony Todd. He has also appeared in other movies, including Fight Club, and dozens of television episodes, some as a recurring character such as IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler in CSI: Miami.


Smith was born in Birmingham, Alabama and attended Banks High School. He graduated from the University of Alabama and Southern Methodist University.


2010, Janie Jones, Officer Dickerson
2009, Dollhouse (TV series, Season 2, Episode 8), Clay Corman
2009, Mending Fences (TV movie), Walt Mitchell
2007, The Man From Earth, John Oldman
2003-2010, CSI: Miami (TV series, Seasons 2-8), IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler
2002, A Walk To Remember, Dr. Carter (father of the protagonist Landon Carter)
2002, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Younger Shep Walke
1999, Fight Club, Walter
1997, The Naked Truth (TV series), Mark
1997, Star Trek: Voyager (TV series, Darkling) Zahir
1996, Savannah, Vincent Massick