Dead Memories is the nineteenth episode in Season Two of CSI: Vegas.

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Dead Memories
Csi vegas
Season 2
Number 19
Writer Craig S. O'Neill
Director Pam Veasey
Original Airdate May 4, 2023
Previous Episode: Fractured
Next Episode: Shell Game


When wrongly accused former suspect Gene Farrow enters the Crime Lab covered in blood, wielding a cleaver, and looking for Allie, the CSI team investigates his peculiar story about a macabre party with a fatal ending.


Victims: Gene Farrow (alive), Joan Farrow (deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Beau Finado, Chris Park, Greg Sanders, Joshua Folsom, Maxine Roby, Det. Serena Chavez

A bloodied Gene Farrow enters the Crime Lab wielding a cleaver and looking for Allie. Flashbacks show earlier events of Gene being accused of a crime he didn't commit due to his odd personality and creepy hobbies; the false accusations turned his life upside down, something he blames Allie for. Before things escalate any further, an officer tackles Gene to the ground.

In the interrogation room, Gene removes his bloody shirt and reveals dozens of cuts and bruises all over his torso. Still not thrilled with being called "Mr. Farrow," Gene tells Allie and Det. Chavez that someone broke into his great aunt's house. Two masked men entered and demanded the combination to the giant safe in the living room; however, neither Gene nor his great aunt knew it. Hoping to jog some memories, the assailants resorted to torture, which included using a car battery and the cleaver, amongst other things. Gene believes that he was drugged, as he only came to recently. While Allie is sympathetic towards Gene's plight, Det. Chavez is more direct, questioning why Gene was at his great aunt's house in the first place. Gene replies that he lives there now, as his whole life fell apart after he was arrested. He then says that his great aunt was kidnapped and that he needs help finding her, which is why he came to the lab.

The great aunt's house is an extension of Gene's personality, as it's even decorated with fake cobwebs. Allie and Beau find the room where the torturing took place; the safe has also been beaten pretty badly. Det. Chavez alerts them to the body of Joan Farrow out in the backyard, zip-tied to her wheelchair and beaten in a similar fashion to the way Gene was. The quick conclusion is that either Gene was wrong about there being a kidnapping or he was lying. When the question arises as to why he would show up to the lab at all, the team figures he was looking for sympathy from the one person who he felt owed it to him—Allie.

Gene is distraught when informed that his Aunt Joan is dead, explaining that she had dementia and that he was her caretaker. Despite having been apprehended with the bloody cleaver, he denies killing his great aunt and doesn't know who would do such a thing. He says that he had some friends (fellow "Necropolites") over the night before for a party. Since he started to feel disoriented shortly after the first round of drinks, his belief is that someone spiked the homemade punch. Gene doesn't believe that his friends would go to such lengths just so they could try and crack the safe. The safe, he says, contains hundreds of uncut gems from his great uncle's gem dealing business—something his friends were aware of. He can't think of anyone else who would be aware of the safe's contents. Unfortunately, Gene doesn't know his friends' real identities, having only met them online and knowing them by their screen names. He directs Allie and Det. Chavez to Shelly Walker, the president of their fan club, saying that she'll have everyone's name and address. Det. Chavez expresses doubt at Gene's story, but he insists that he didn't inflict the injuries on himself.

In the house, Chris collects a black substance from the attic rug; Folsom finds the same substance on the bathmat in Joan's bathroom. Meanwhile, in autopsy, Dr. Hudson marvels at the amount of torture Joan went through. He labels Joan's cause of death as electrocution, as the voltage from the car battery was enough to stop her frail heart. Lividity in her arms and legs suggest that she was in the seated position for hours postmortem, consistent with being zip-tied to the wheelchair. Joan's time of death is put at 16 hours ago, right after Gene's party. Dr. Hudson can't explain the small depressions in Joan's femurs, which may or may not have been a result of the torture.

Shelly Walker confirms Gene's story, telling Allie and Det. Chavez that most of the party is a blur. She's more than happy to give a blood sample, and she provides the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the other party guests. Afterwards, Allie expresses her doubt regarding Shelly's involvement, and Det. Chavez still believes Gene is the one responsible.

The team is split as to whether or not Gene is guilty, with Beau pointing out that the only blood found belonged to Gene and his great aunt; there was no blood from any intruders despite the mess that was made. Chris notes that the safe only contained $5,000 in cash, no gems. The question is whether the intruder was misled or whether Gene made up a motive after the fact. When Beau and Folsom try to re-create Gene's injuries, Folsom determines that one-third of the injuries couldn't have been self-inflicted. Therefore, someone did torture Gene, and the team needs to find out who.

The other three party guests—Nestor ('Nosferatu'), Patricia and William ('Gore')—have similar tales; they all drank the punch, then things got hazy. Patricia produces her phone, which contains pictures of Joan at the party; she was seated in her wheelchair and wearing oversized sunglasses. Everyone confirms that this was out of the ordinary, as Joan had a reputation for being unkind and inconsiderate. The partygoers all deny having anything to do with Joan's death.

Tox results confirm that the punch was spiked with GHB; all five guests tested positive, including Gene. Whoever spiked the punch poured themselves a cup, as well. Results from the substance recovered earlier from the bathmat come back as a mixture of food products and Alzheimer's medication; however, no medications were found in the house, nor were there any in Joan's tox report.

Allie and Folsom unsuccessfully try to re-create the dents found in Joan's femurs. They conclude that her bones were too brittle; any weapon used with force would've just shattered them. Folsom observes that the bones look like they were crushed, as if pressure was applied to them for a long amount of time. The thought is that the killer used a heavy object to restrain Joan on top of zip-tying her to the wheelchair.

Beau and Chris go through photos from the party, determining that none of them were doctored in any way; Gene's story continues to hold up. Patricia and William have alibis for the time of the murder, as they posted a picture of themselves at a fast food restaurant after they left the party. Chris notes that two intruders entered the house after the party and wonders if Shelly and Nestor doubled back after the party was over.

Test results show that Gene's blood was recovered from underneath Shelly's fingernails. A search of Shelly's apartment apparently comes up empty; however, a responding officer doesn't notice that Shelly is cleverly hiding amongst her many mannequins. She ends up sneaking out her window before Allie and Det. Chavez can find her.

Upon unzipping the body bag Joan's body has been kept inside of, Allie and Folsom get a strong whiff of body putrefaction. While the skin on Joan's torso and legs has become wrinkled and marbled, the skin on her face has remained relatively normal. Dr. Hudson doesn't believe that things are adding up, as this level of accelerated putrefaction would only occur if a body had been recovered from water. He estimates that the body was underwater for a least a day, which isn't supported by the postmortem interval. Evidence shows that while the body was submerged, the head remained above water.

A swab of the liquid inside Joan's cells tests negative for GHB; however, they contain different type of acids mixed with Alzheimer's medication. The mixture is the same composition as what was found earlier on the bathmat, but nothing of the sort was found in Joan's system. Based on this information, Folsom believes that he knows where Joan died.

Back at the Farrow house, Allie pulls a piece of orange fabric from the bathtub drain, which she believes may be neoprene; the fabric also contains some of the same substance found on the bathmat. In Gene's bedroom, Chris finds a wad of polyester fabric on the carpet. This leads he and Allie to the life-size stuffed demon statue in the room. Among the things shoved inside the statue is a prescription pill bottle for Alzheimer's medication; the bottle is prescribed to a Robert Walker. Allie connects the dots, mentioning that Walker is Shelley's surname. Meanwhile, Beau finds a pair of orange weights in the closet; one weight is missing a chunk from it. Allie visually compares the missing chunk to the piece recovered from the bathtub drain and sees that they're a match. She concludes that the weights were used to hold down Joan's body in the bathtub, which is what caused the dents in her bones.

Based on the vitreous humor collected from Joan's eyeballs, Allie estimates that the woman died 36 hours before a bloodied Gene entered their lab. However, Joan's internal temperature says that she died 24 hours after that. Allie determines that Dr. Hudson's initial calculations for time of death were wrong because he was unaware that the killer manipulated Joan's internal temperature by submerging her in water. One question remains—if Joan has been dead for all that time, how did she make an appearance at Gene's party?

In interrogation, Gene reiterates that he hosted his party so Joan could meet his friends; however, this seems to be way out line with her personality. So, why the change of heart? Allie and Det. Chavez inform Gene that Joan was already dead when the party started. As it turns out, everyone at the party had an alibi for Joan's actual time of death—except for Gene. Allie and Det. Chavez fixate back on the safe that the "intruders" apparently tried to break into. Knowing that Joan had Alzheimer's and couldn't remember the safe's combination, they determine that Gene borrowed the Alzheimer's medication from Shelly. When that didn't help jog Joan's memory, Gene resorted to more extreme measures. Allie notes a poster on Gene's wall advertising the French movie Souvenirs Morts (translation: Dead Memories). She explains that, in the movie, a man tried reviving his wife's memories by using electricity and a bathtub filled with weird ingredients. Gene tried replicating the experiment, but a flashback shows him accidentally knocking the car battery into the bathtub, electrocuting Joan. Knowing that he was the only person in the house when Joan died, Gene turned on the hot water and manipulated the time of death, weighing the body down with the weights. He then drugged his friends at the party and wheeled Joan's corpse out to make it look like she was still alive. After his friends left, he staged the break-in and made it look like Joan had been tortured. Needing his story to be convincing, he had Shelly come back over and inflict the wounds he couldn't inflict himself. This would explain how Shelly got Gene's blood under her fingernails.

Gene finally relents, saying that Joan couldn't remember where the gems were, nor could she even remember what bank her husband was storing them in. She even blamed Gene, as she made him clean out the room above the garage when he moved in; among the items discarded was a paper with the information about the safety deposit box. Gene swears that Joan's death was an accident, but Allie tells him that even if this is the case, everything he did afterwards wasn't.

Meanwhile, a department-mandated psychiatrist suggests to Max that she take on less responsibility in order to help improve her mental and physical well-being. She decides to appoint a day shift supervisor, narrowing her choice down to either Allie or Folsom.

Elsewhere, after having his friend Trey arrested, Folsom reaches out to his estranged mother. Upon visiting her face-to-face, he sees that she has an injection mark on her arm—she's been using drugs, something she did in the past, as well. She angrily tells Folsom to leave her house and mind his business.


Main Cast[]

  • Paula Newsome as Maxine Roby
  • Matt Lauria as Joshua Folsom
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan
  • Ariana Guerra as Det. Serena Chavez
  • Jay Lee as Chris Park
  • Lex Medlin as Beau Finado
  • Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows (credited only)

Guest Cast[]

  • Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
  • J.P. Manoux as Gene Farrow
  • Derek Webster as Dr. Milton Hudson
  • Michael Bofshever as Dr. Franklin
  • Lolita Davidovich as Jeannette Folsom
  • Brea Bee as Shelly Walker
  • Jeff Lewis as Nestor 'Nosferatu' Crane
  • Mei Pak as Patricia Ryden
  • Kerwin Thompson as William 'Gore' Williamson


  • edamame by bbno$ (ft. Rich Brian)
  • Smolder by Mobiius
  • Error by Infraction
  • EDM O'Clock (Mix Cut) by TV Noise & Dillon Francis


  • Marg Helgenberger (Catherine) is credited but does not appear in the episode.
  • Gene Farrow appeared earlier in the season in the episode The Painted Man.
  • Max fills Greg in about her being attacked in the field, which occurred in the episode Story of a Gun. Conversely, Greg gives his own personal experience about an on-the-job attack (CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, Season Seven, Fannysmackin').
  • Greg informs Max that he's leaving the lab to pursue a teaching opportunity. She gives him a lead to a position at Northwestern University.

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