Minor Character: New York
Name Dean Truby
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Detective
Pathology Murderer
Dirty Cop
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 1 dead
1 tried
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michael King
First Appearance Consequences

Dean Truby was a NYPD detective who was arrested after he is discovered to be dirty.


Truby joined the police force on September 14th, 1998 and was assigned to the 21st precinct. In 2002, Detective Truby is assigned to investigate Lauren Henning's murder and interrogates Clay Dobson in connection with her death. Dobson eventually confesses to her murder and Truby arrests him for murder. Truby takes him to the 35th precinct to be processed, which was run by Captain Brigham Sinclair and Lieutenant Stanton Gerrard. During the removal of effects, Truby overlooked Dobson's belt and Dobson tried to use it to commit suicide rather than go to prison. Gerrard managed to find Dobson in time and saved him and Dobson was sent to prison for murder. Truby decides to log Dobson's belt with Gerrard's prints on it as investigative evidence to hold onto it to use against them in the future.

About four years later, Truby is present at the raid of a drug lord, Lamont Tyson, and finds his drug supply. Before he tells the rest of his fellow officers, Truby steals 3 kilos of black cocaine from the supply.

Season Three[]


Six months after the raid, Truby goes to a warehouse with the drugs disguised as ink cartridges to a contact he made, and is surprised by the appearance of two guys participating in a paintball gun fight. He surprises one of the players, Kym Tanaka, and kills him and attempts to kill the other one, but he escapes. Truby then picks up the shell casings and digs one of the bullets out of Tanaka's body to cover his tracks and flees the scene, but leaves the fatal bullet behind. Truby then flees the warehouse, bumping into Daryn Kramer as he was taking out his garbage. Truby is eventually arrested by Det. Mac Taylor when his involvement is uncovered.

...Comes Around[]

As a result of his arrest, Clay Dobson is released from prison and targets more women after his release. When he hears Taylor is framed for Dobson's "murder" with Sinclair and Gerrard leading the charge, he asks to see him in person to talk. When he eventually agrees, Truby reveals that while he initially blamed Taylor for Dobson's release, he ultimately realized Taylor was doing his job and that he is the real reason Dobson escaped justice. To prove his sincerity he gives Taylor a trump card to get him out of his predicament: Dobson's belt from his first arrest.

Known Victims[]

  • November 7th, 2006:
    • Kym Tanaka (shot once in the shoulder and back)
    • Cyrus Menlo (shot once in his paintball carrier; survived)


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