Minor Character: New York
Debbie Fallon and Grace Chandler
Name Debbie Fallon and Grace Chandler
Alias Lisa Williams (Chandler)
Gender Female (both)
City New York
Occupation Hospital worker (Chandler)
Pathology Budding serial killers
Con artists
Modus Operandi Vehicular murder
Identity theft
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 attempted
2 robbed
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Kim Kardashian (Fallon)
Vanessa Lachey (Chandler)
First Appearance Second Chances

Debbie Fallon and Grace Chandler are a pair of budding serial killers appearing in Second Chances in CSI:NY.


Fallon and Chandler are a pair of scam artists deciding to resort to murder in get rich quick schemes. Needing vulnerable victims, they targeted homeless men, taking life insurance polices out of them ranging in the millions, waiting for years to get the polices matured before they collected. Chandler got a job at the Queen of Mercy hospital, looking for vulnerable men in question.

The first man found was Matt Davis. Chandler stole the identity of a woman in rehab named Lisa Williams, using it to board Matt in her home and likely seduce him. Gaining his trust, she got a life insurance policy out on him for over two million dollars, setting it to be solidified over the course of about two years. When the policy was fully matured, Chandler killed Matt by running him over with a 1997 Taurus wagon, retaining the car for the next murder.

Chandler then repeated the same ruse on James Manning, this time getting engaged to him under her real name from getting bolder. When James's plan was finished, he was run over as well by Fallon, the women prepping for collection on the policy. Fallon, in the meantime, seduced and started dating Sam Baker, the third man the duo targeted and the owner of the car. When James is identified, Chandler identifies him and puts up the ruse of grieving potential wife, while the team collects her DNA.

The car was tracked to being a short distance away from the scene, with DNA and other forensic evidence tying it to both James and Matt. But Sam didn't even know his car was missing, even though he's still a suspect from his car not being sabotaged. Fallon gets Sam a lawyer, and despite the life insurance policy for Chandler, she has a squeaky clean record and said it was James' idea. Lisa's tracked as Matt's alleged beneficiary, but she reveals her ID was stolen. Chandler was sooner suspected when Lisa was revealed to be a patient at Queen of Mercy.

Chandler's DNA in the car is matched to a growth removed from her and paid under Lisa's name. Fallon is connected when she's listed as an emergency contact. Their scam is revealed, and Sam is horrified to hear he would've been next to die. The two women are arrested and incarcerated for their crimes.

Modus Operandi[]

Fallon and Chandler targeted homeless men at the hospital Chandler worked at. Either through housing or seduction, or both, they'd gain the trust of the men, before taking out life insurance polices on them worth two and a half million each. After the policies fully grew in a span of two years, The men would be slowly run over with a 1997 Taurus wagon. Their purchase would usually be under the names of their victims they con so as to not be traced.

Known Victims[]

  • Lisa Williams (stole her ID and charged purchases under her name)
  • James Manning
  • Matt Davis
  • Sam Baker (intended to kill)