Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Derek Barlow
Curtis LeBlanc
Gender Both male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Former students
Competition Show Contestants
Pathology Budding Serial Killers
Budding Serial Rapists
Modus Operandi Rape
No. of Victims 2 raped
1 killed
1 attempted
Status Both deceased
Portrayed By Coby McLaughlin (Barlow)
Matthew Holmes (LeBlanc)
First Appearance Last Supper

Derek Barlow and Curtis LeBlanc are a pair of budding serial rapists and murderers appearing in Last Supper in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


When the two were in school, Barlow and LeBlanc raped and murdered a fellow student named Allison Bradley, leaving her in the wilderness for her remains to be feasted on. Her sister, Nadine, stepped in to identify her when her parents couldn't, and knowing this, the duo schmoozed Nadine with "sympathy" to throw off suspicion, continuing the ruse for years to succeed in the direction Nadine was going in school. In adulthood, she got them on a cooking competition show where she worked in production so the two would be contestants. While there, Michelle Rowlands, another contestant, also fell victim to the team, being raped by both and choked by Barlow at least by the time she woke up. When she realized what was happening, she struck threw off Barlow before running out of the room, the two rapists following behind to slip out. Out of fear of being shamed and losing chances at a career, Rowlands never reported the rapes; instead, she confided in Nadine, who was horrified and realized the truth all along. When confronting Barlow over the crimes and deception, Bradley stabbed Barlow to death in a breakdown. Once she cut the remains and cooked them for the show's next taste test, things would continue to escalate from there.

Last Supper[]

The episode opens with the very taste test Barlow's served in, LeBlanc being among the contestants. Once a contact lens is pulled out of Rowlands' mouth, everyone realized the meat is human causing her to spit out Barlow's eyeball, LeBlanc being barely phased like the other male contestant left. Barlow's first suspected of being a killer, until a tattoo in the served flesh reveals Barlow's the victim, confirming by recovering the recent pickup of trash that holds all of Barlow's salvageable remains left. Suspicion turns to the originally suspected victim, Graham Devreaux, the guest judge getting Barlow kicked off the show after an altercation. But then the tapes of Rowlands' rape are found when she's seen having run out of her hotel room. LeBlanc's seen on the footage soon after Barlow runs out, the team realizing Barlow won't be the only murder to happen. But they end up too late: Bradley rolled almond gel to slip into a reusable straw LeBlanc uses to spike it and cause a severe nut allergy anaphylaxis. LeBlanc then dies from falling and getting a head wound on a frozen ham in the freezer. Rowlands is suspected of both murders once the truth comes out, but Nadine's eventually accurately fingered when her print's on the gel mold and her past is uncovered.

Modus Operandi[]

The duo targeted women in their immediate vicinity, like Allison Bradley, a student in her school, and Michelle Rowlands, a contestant on the competition show they were both on. They would both rape the girl or woman they targeted, Rowlands while she was unconscious, then kill them by unspecified means, likely strangulation since Rowlands was being choked by Barlow when she was raped. When Bradley was murdered, she was left out in a wilderness area for scavengers so she wouldn't be identified.

Known Victims[]

  • Sally Bradley (raped and murdered by both)
  • Michelle Rowlands (raped by both, choked by Barlow and maybe LeBlanc)


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