Minor Character: Miami
Name Diana Chandler
Alias Ashley Chandler
Gender Female
Family Larry Chandler (Husband)

Ashley Chandler (Daughter)

City Miami
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Karen Young
First Appearance F-T-F

Diana Chandler is a budding serial killer appearing in F-T-F in CSI:Miami.


Diana Chandler is the wife to Larry Chandler. At some time, she bore him, Ashley. The family appeared to be idyllic until Diana grew bored of the family and decided to pose as Ashley on an online chat where she talked to a man named "Sean". But it was actually Marvin Hill who created the fake profile. Marvin was angered over the deception so Diana, posing as Ashley, lured Marvin for a meeting. She had Justin Carson to commit the murder—unaware that Justin was a real person. Justin was unaware that Ashley was actually Diana.


Diana makes her appearance in the background of the episode, F-T-F. It was later revealed that it was she who stole a gun from Larry's safety box. She was also the one who posed as Ashley on the online chat. Her daughter became angered at her mother's deception. When Marvin threatened her, she decided to lure Marvin for a meeting and had a person named Justin Carson commit the murder unaware that Justin was a real person. Once the evidence was compiled against her, she finally meets the real Justin Carson in a holding cell that was used for transport of criminals. Justin becomes disgusted over the deception and yells at her while she looks down in shame.

Modus Operandi[]

Diana posed as her teenage daughter Ashley in the online chat. She continued doing this fully aware that Larry wanted Ashley to fully focus on her schoolwork instead of chatting online. When Marvin found out of the deception, she lured Marvin for a meeting and had Justin Carson to commit the murder unaware Justin is a real person. She stole one of Larry's guns and placed it in a motel room for him to pick it up and use it for the murder.


  • Marvin Hill (intended target; had Justin Carson kill him through shooting)
  • Rebecca West (unintended target)