Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Diane Lambert
Gender Female
Family Corey Lambert (grandson)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Triple Murderer
Attempted Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Car crash
No. of Victims 3+ killed
1+ injured
1+ attempted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Sandra Lee Gimpel
First Appearance Crash & Burn

Diane Lambert is a suicidal attempted mass murderer who appeared in season three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Diane Lambert was an aging woman afflicted with severe colon cancer. She was briefly blessed with remission, but the cancer came back and continued to eat her systems. She applied for a claim to her insurance managers at Stillmont Healthcare for a treatment her oncologist recommended for her. Horrifically, in a penny-pinching move to take advantage of a elderly woman they figured would die anyway, they stalled the deliberation of her case while her health was deteriorating and could go in either direction. She couldn't file an appeal because her case wasn't denied, thus the cancer continued to eat her colon so much, she had a piece of it excised to buy her time. For the pain she went through and realizing her chances at living the rest of her life, especially with her grandson Corey, were being held in the hands of capitalists playing God, she took out a life insurance policy on herself that completely went to Corey and planned an attack on Stillmont to avenge herself and stop their dirty practices. Her grandson gave her a mounted GPS appliance for her birthday, which she mounted in her Jaguar she won at a casino lottery. Being technologically unskilled, she had Corey show her the workings of the device before she planned to commit the crime, hoping to plug in the address for the office building. With a serious and devastated but affectionate final gesture, she made Corey swear he would go back to college in hopes he could make his life with her money where she couldn't live her own any longer. High on medical cannabis and her hormones shifting to that of a kamikaze pilot, she drove the Jaguar in tears at over twice the speed limit to try and reach the street in Vegas where the office was located, South Meadows Lane. The tragedy she didn't realize is she programmed North Meadows Lane instead, leaving her with the building with the same number address on that street: Checkerbox Bar and Grill, a restaurant the Stillmont employees loved to frequent. Sara Sidle's boyfriend, Hank Peddigrew, was at the restaurant at the time of the attack, with his coworker from the office, Elaine Alcott, who didn't know about his affair with Sidle.

Crash & Burn[]

Eventually, turning the intersection, Lambert speeds the car straight through the front windows. She kills three people in the restaurant, Tom and Rachel Krandall and Cameron Black, one of them dying at the hospital. Three more people are left in critical condition, prognosis never revealed, and most everyone else were disabled and injured from the crash, Alcott left paralyzed and Peddigrew breaking his wrist. Lambert died almost instantly from concussive trauma from when her head whipped into the steering wheel. The team goes through eliminating the dangerous intersection, her cannabis high, and assuming she couldn't floor the car's brakes, but what leads top revealing she deliberately caused the crash is the same numbers and similar street names of the restaurant and office building addresses. Questioning why she'd kill herself because of the company, they go and interview Alcott and the manager, revealing the scheme they pulled on her to deny her claim. They take no responsibility, but Sidle and Catherine Willows find the scam quote "sick", never specifying if the company faces liability or penalties in lawsuits or charges for reckless endangerment. Realizing she never left an email and that she doesn't know computer well, that interrogate Corey, who reveals the GPS was a gift from him. He's horrified to find out the insurance policy for him, which he gets none of since it was intended from a suicide, and thinks back and, in grief, remembers her making him swear to get back into college. He's never conclusively linked to the vehicular massacre, and considering his most likely innocence, he's released and the case is never met with officially-closing charges for the books.

Modus Operandi[]

Lambert targeted Stillmont Healthcare, the HMO illicitly, miserly refusing to answer her appeal so she could get her needed colon cancer treatment. She had her grandson, Corey, teach her how to use the GPS he gave to her for her birthday, as she was very bad with technology. When she programmed the address of the company office building into her device, she planned to drive her high speed into the office to get revenge against the company, taking out a life insurance policy for Corey when she made him promise to go back to college before she died. Even more unfortunately, she had two crucial flaws in her plans. First, she programmed the wrong street in, North Meadows Lane instead of South Meadows. This led her to crashing her instead in to Checkerbox Bar and Grill, a restaurant with the same number address as the claims office but on a different street. The only other flaw is her death being a suicide left her life insurance policy null, meaning Corey gets no compensation. She died in the crash from a fatal concussion when her head whiplashed into the tire headfirst, dying at the hospital along with at least one other person she killed.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unspecified people at Stillmont Healthcare (attempted to kill and injure by driving her car through the office building; drove it through Checkerbox Bar and Grill instead)
  • The Checkerbox Bar and Grill vehicular massacre:
    • Tom Krandall
    • Rachel Krandall
    • Cameron Black
    • Hank Peddigrew (attempted, but survived; broke his wrist)
    • Elaine Alcott (attempted, but survived; was left paralyzed)
    • Three unidentified people (all critically injured and presumably died)
    • Numerous other unidentified people at and around Checkerbox Bar and Grill (all injured and/or killed from vehicular collision, flying debris, dodging the car, etc.)


  • Lambert appears to be inspired by Priscilla Ford, a woman with paranoid schizophrenia and substance abuse problems who killed six people in a vehicular mass murder.


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