Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Dimitri Sadesky
Gender Male
Birth Date May 21, 1962
City Las Vegas
Occupation Literature professor
Pathology Pimp
Serial Killer
No. of Victims 5 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Mark Sheppard
First Appearance The Lost Girls

Dimitri Sadesky (Russian: Дмитрий Садеский, Dmitriy Sadeskiy) was a pimp (possibly an active human trafficker) for the Zetas and serial killer who appeared in Season Ten of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Not much is revealed about Dimitri's early life, other than that he is apparently Russian, was born on May 21, 1962, and worked as a professor at a local university teaching Russian literature and worked from that area to recruit young girls to work for him as prostitutes. He later killed girls who tried to leave the business and buried them in the desert.


CSI: Miami[]

He later killed a woman named Samantha Matthews, but because the police in Las Vegas were looking for her he had to dispose of her in a different way than he killed his other victims. To that end he called one of his contacts and had him chop up her body and let the alligators eat her body when he goes to Miami. This doesn't work however, as police find a part of her body and connect it to his contact, Nathan Cole and arrest him for the murder (CSI: Miami, "Bone Voyage").

CSI: Las Vegas[]

Later he trades one of his ladies for a woman named Madeline Briggs but lets her go after seeing the hell she had been through and how she lost her commercial value. Unfortunately the police were on her trail and eventually found evidence connecting Madeline to him. They also found evidence that connected him to Samantha and eventually discovered the four bodies buried in the salt flats. To avoid the death penalty he cut a deal that brought down the Zetas (CSI: Las Vegas,, "The Lost Girls").

Modus Operandi[]

Dimitri would target women who tried to escape from him and the business he ran. He would first burn them with cigarettes and then strike them over the head with an unknown blunt object and bury them in the salt flats. After killing Samantha Matthews, he had her body dismembered and disposed of her body parts by feeding them to alligators in Miami.

Known Victims[]

  • Four unnamed women (all fatally struck over the head)
  • Samantha Matthews (fatally struck over the head; was dismembered post-mortem and the body parts fed to alligators)


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