Disarmed and Dangerous
Season 9
Number 12
Writer Dustin Lee Abraham,
Evan Dunsky
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate January 29, 2009
Previous Episode: The Grave Shift
Next Episode: Deep Fried and Minty Fresh

Disarmed and Dangerous is the twelfth episode in Season Nine of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs work with a team of FBI agents when one of them is brutally murdered, possibly in connection with a human trafficking case they're investigating. However, the more the case proceeds, it becomes increasingly apparent that all is not what it seems and that the agents are hiding something.


Victims: William Ray Hatford (deceased)

On the case: entire team

A man in a suit enters a dirty gas station restroom and looks around. The words "Blow your gasket" are etched into one of the mirrors; the man writes this down in his notebook. As he's using the bathroom, someone else enters. Soon thereafter, a stoner arrives and tries to use the bathroom, but he finds it locked. After banging on the door, he hears fighting and loud screaming, ending with blood gushing under the crack in the door. The stoner sees a giant Hulk-like man covered in blood leave the restroom and depart.

When Catherine and Langston arrive, they find several police officers on the scene as well as two other people in suits. The restroom is a bloody mess, and the man in the suit has been beaten to a pulp. Langston notices that the victim's arm is gone; Catherine finds it and notes that it was ripped out of the socket, not dismembered. The victim has a pen on him from the Department of Justice. Brass enters and informs them that the victim is FBI Agent William Ray Hatford; his shield, badge, and gun have been taken. Langston also finds a chunk of flesh in one of the stalls.

In autopsy, Langston feels around the body and determines that the chunk of flesh didn't come from Agent Hatford. There are no defensive wounds on the body, leading David Phillips to wonder whether the flesh is from another victim. When he tries to scan the agent's fingerprints, Langston discovers that there's no ridge detail on any of them. Fellow Agents Beckman and Stanley inform Brass that Agent Hatford had been working undercover and had his fingerprints removed as a security measure. It's not ruled out that Agent Hatford's death is tied to the case that brought the agents to Vegas in the first place. Agent Beckman assures Brass that they'll send over all of their active files to see if there's a link to a current case.

Catherine and Greg go over surveillance video from the gas station and find their bloody suspect departing in a dark blue muscle car. Elsewhere, the agents tell Nick and Riley that their investigation has been focused on human trafficking; underage women have been being brought in from Brazil. Agent Hatford conducted most of their field interviews, which consisted of talking to a lot of low-level people. Nick and Riley are shown the agents' dingy command center and are handed a box of case files and interviews. Agent Beckman is skeptical that anyone in their files had the physical strength the killer exhibited, while Agent Stanley confirms that Agent Hatford occasionally wore a wire. There's an organizational chart on the wall; the leader hasn't been identified yet and is only referred to as "The Fist."

In the lab, Langston and Doc Robbins examine the torn-out muscle found in the restroom stall. The tissue is infected, and hemorrhage lines indicate that the guy was shooting steroids with a dirty needle. Langston remembers that he found pieces of glass in the muscle and wonders if their guy was in so much pain that he ripped his muscle out with the glass.

Catherine and Riley go over the interview that Agent Hatford taped the night before he was killed. In it, he's accosting someone named Vinnie who claims that he doesn't work for anyone and has never heard of "The Fist." Henry enters and tells them that the torn biceps tested positive for a mix of several drugs that used to be used by the local weightlifting community a while back. The lab that was supplying the drugs was shut down by the LVPD. Catherine mentions that there's someone very familiar with the case who can help them and that he's already in custody.

That someone is Howard Velco, whose company was providing the steroids to the users. Howard is 22 days away from completing a 16-month sentence. He refuses to help on the case until Brass calls Agent Beckman into the interrogation room. There, Agent Beckman cites law precedents and tells Howard that his prison sentence can be extended greatly if he so much spoke to someone about dealing drugs while in prison. Howard relents and tells them that they should be looking for Vinnie Mingus, a Supreme Force Fighter.

Vinnie has a fight that night, and Nick and Brass go to seek him out. Nick finds Vinnie, who has a large blood-covered bandage on his left bicep and is wheeling around a portable IV bag. When confronted, Vinnie shoves Nick and asks him what kind of getup he's wearing; he's also convinced that Nick's gun isn't loaded. Brass arrives with a uniformed officer, but this isn't enough to keep Vinnie contained. He escapes and makes his way into the fighting ring, all the while yelling "they're all fake!" To prove that the cops and their guns are fake, Vinnie steals a gun, points it to his head, and pulls the trigger, much to the shock of Nick, Brass and the crowd.

Vinnie's fight doctor tells Brass that he gave Vinnie some antibiotics for his torn-up arm and hoped for the best because he refused to go to the hospital. He also didn't inform the authorities because he was scared of Vinnie, who he described as being "half psychotic on a good day." Brass relays this information to the agents, who vow to continue Agent Hatford's work and track down "The Fist." The team goes through Vinnie's gym bag and finds Agent Hatford's notebook, badge, and gun. However, on closer inspection, the gun is a street piece and its serial number is filed off, leading Nick to believe that it actually belongs to Vinnie. Vinnie's cell phone contains several pictures of the agents that he sent to another number.

Nick catches up with Catherine and tells her that one of the pictures on the board in the agents' command post is that of a young gunshot victim they found a few months ago. The girl, whose name was Rio, had been caught up in the human trafficking ring. The agents interviewed Rio and recorded it, as well. In the video, she admitted that she was only 16 years old, but she refused to say who brought her to the United States, choosing to go to jail instead. She was released and found dead three days later. Riley figures that "The Fist" found out that Rio was picked up and questioned; he killed her on the street as a warning to the other girls.

Wendy sends Agent Hatford's DNA to the FBI office in Quantico for identification. Meanwhile, Langston prints Vinnie's gun and discovers that it actually belongs to Agent Hatford. He calls Brass with this information and asks why an FBI agent would have a street gun with a filed off serial number; Brass replies that maybe Agent Hatford was dirty. Just then, Brass gets called out to a dead body. At the scene, he meets Agent Beckman, who is wearing street clothes. The victim is Agent Stanley; she was working undercover as a prostitute. Wendy calls Brass and informs him that Quantico has no record of Agent Hatford, indicating that he was a fake. When Brass turns around to speak with Agent Beckman, he finds that he's disappeared.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins determines that Agent Stanley, whose real name is Emma Mosler, was shot at close range. Langston notices old vertical scars on Emma's wrist, indicating that she had made serious attempts at committing suicide. Her record indicates that she served two years for prostitution—she was a prostitute posing as an FBI agent posing as an undercover prostitute. As they take everything from the command post, Brass notes that Vinnie knew the agents were fakes and blew his brains out trying to prove it. It's found that both the "FBI" command post and the car the "agents" were seen driving at the gas station are registered to a company called I Can See For Miles, Inc.

The credit card that Emma used at the gas station is traced to a halfway house, where all three "agents" were residents. Agent Beckman, whose real name is Miles Gelson, is actually in his room at the house. When found, Miles whispers to Langston and Brass that he's working undercover and should be questioned outside so as to not blow his cover. They oblige, arresting him and taking him outside. There, a passing car opens fire on Miles, which causes Brass to fire back in retaliation. He kills the driver. When Miles congratulates him, Brass loses it and blames him for all of the dead bodies piling up.

Miles is arrested and placed in a holding cell, where a real FBI agent informs Langston that Miles will be jailed for at least 20 years for the various offences he has committed (such as impersonating a federal agent and kidnapping). Back in the lab, Riley is having trouble deciphering the notebook found in the fake command post; it contains a bunch of random letters and numbers, none of which correspond with any of the weapons recovered. Langston takes the notebook to Miles with the hope that the key to cracking the codes is in his head. The depressed Miles laments that he got his friends killed, but Langston guesses that the trio reinvented themselves in order to help clean up the world. Langston questions him about the journal entry that corresponds with the date Rio was killed. Miles eventually reveals that his nonsensical code refers to a "little guy" who dropped a gun down a sewer; they recovered the gun, but were unable to apprehend the perp.

The code corresponds to one of the guns recovered from the command post; it's found to contain the DNA of Vinnie's fight doctor, Reynaldo Fihlo. He's the kingpin of the whole operation and is wanted by Interpol for various trafficking-related offenses; furthermore, the belief is that he's the one who shot Rio. Reynaldo is arrested and the trafficked girls are saved, all thanks to what Miles and his friends started. Langston visits Miles' holding cell again and gives him the good news. He gives him a copy of Don Quixote to read, telling him that the windmills he was tilting at really were giants.


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  • In the close-up shot of the dead woman's face when the doctor is turning her head, the 'corpse' moves her eyes.


  • The fake FBI agents use 'I Can See For Miles' as the company they work for. This is also the name of a song from The Who's album 'The Who Sells Out' and would be later used as the theme song for CSI: Cyber.
  • Vince Vieluf played the stoned guy in the beginning of the episode. He also appeared in the episodes Homebodies and Ending Happy, playing Connor Foster in both episodes.
  • Matt 'Horshu' Weise, who played Vinnie Mingus, was a professional wrestler in WWE under the name 'Luther Reigns'.

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