Dispo Day
Season 1
Number 18
Writer Laurence Walsh,
Ildy Modrovich,
Elizabeth Devine
Director David Grossman
Original Airdate March 10, 2003
Previous Episode: Simple Man
Next Episode: Double Cap

Dispo Day is the eighteenth episode in Season One of CSI: Miami.


A truck carrying confiscated drugs to be burned is attacked which leaves the drugs stolen and the officer escort killed. The CSIs are under investigation because it is suspected that the attack was an inside job.


Speed and two officers are escorting a truck of confiscated drugs to a factory to be burned when the vehicle is hammed and attacked by thieves, leaving one officer dead, a woman with a baby in the crossfire and Speed shocked he couldn't save the officer when his gun jammed.

Because the location and route of the truck was confidental Sgt Hollis of Internal Affairs is brought in to investigate the team. Though angered at Hollis interference Horatio keeps investigating, he later realizes the woman at scene has a suspicious clean vehicle and wasn't talking about the baby as it was hers. She confesses her doctor convinced her to enter an insurance scam, but says she didin't knew about the robbery, tracking the doctor he confesses as well and gives the team a location where the robbers may be at. It's too late however, as the team finds they all have been shot, the final surviving criminal is only able to give the clue "Nedir Kire" before dying.

Meanwhile Calleigh discovers the bullet that killed the officer came from a different angle than the robbers, tracking the source she finds a warehouse owned by Paul Tomassi, who's not cooperative to her questions but allows a search. However she later tests positive for cocaine and Hollis moves to arrest her as a accomplice. Horatio realizing the truth returns to Tomassi's warehouse and is able to prove his "construction tiles" are actually the missing drugs in solid form, Calleigh had accidentally breathed them while searching the place. After Tomassi refuses to name his partner Horatio and Delko try to crack the "Nedir Kire" clue until they realize it's the name Erik Riden written backwards. They are then surprised after finding a picture of Riden, the man is in fact Enrique Rayas, a local reporter who accosted the team during the investigation.

Rayas is arrested while interviewing the burning factory owner, who confirms to Horatio he was the one who leaked the information to Rayas. Enrique Rayas is later arrested and convicted when his shirt tests positive for gunpowder. Horatio later comforts a guilty Speed of not saving the officer and then returns to the factory to oversee the drugs finally be destroyed.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Nick Searcy as Jack Seeger
  • Salli Richardson Whitfield as Laura
  • Annika Peterson as Polygraph Tester
  • Julie Ann Emery as Lynn Martell
  • Carlos Lacamara as Dr. Guillermo Santoyo
  • Maximo Marrone as Paul Tomassi
  • Don McManus as Enrique Rayas/Erik Riden
  • Brandon Gilbert as Paramedic
  • Ken Kerman as Bob Stokes
  • Troy Robinson as Lester Cassidy
  • Tad Griffith as SWAT #1
  • Thomas Robinson Harper as SWAT #2
  • Michael Runyard as Sgt Hollis
  • Tim Trella as Mike Tooley
  • Mic Rodgers as Jeff Macher
  • Larry Rippenkroeger as Sam Laskey
  • John Meier as Cesar Rubio


  • Horatio wears a Crime Scene Unit (CSU) jacket during escort. As well as contradicting the show title, forensic teams are called Crime Scene Investigations in real-life Miami-Dade County. Crime Scene Units are mainly associated with New York.

Major Events[]

  • Calleigh reveals that her father's nickname for her is "Lambchop".
  • Having learned that Speed's gun jammed during the gunfight, Horatio gives him a gun cleaning kit as a late birthday present. This foreshadows Speed's death in "Lost Son" due to his gun malfunctioning from not cleaning it.

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