Minor Character: Miami
Name Doug Jones
Gender Male
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Tom Guiry
First Appearance Head Case

Doug Benson is an amnesic suspect in the murder of an entire family, appearing in Head Case in CSI:Miami


Doug witnessed the murder of his father when he was only eight, which left him with lasting trauma he since overcame when he grew older. As an adult in Miami, he came across Mitch Crawford, a financial advisor, being held hostage by Kurt Sabin, a club owner and one of his clients robbing Mitch of the money he lost Sabin after killing Victoria and Sarah Crawford, Mitch's wife and daughter. Doug tried to stop the violence, but Sabin pulled out his sawed-off Remington shotgun and held it on Doug. Intending to from Doug for everything, Sabin forced Doug to take the murder weapon, a knife, and stab Mitch six times in his chest, which killed him. Sabin then stole Doug's red hat, which had gunshot residue from the shotgun being fired in the air as incentive, and threw it into a road grate. Doug was left scarred from the entire ordeal, and post-traumatic trauma and shock partly from flashing back to the murder of his father, and stumbled almost catatonic away from the house onto a busy road, covered in the family's blood.

Head Case[]

After numerous cars pass Doug by, he's eventually detained by a dispatch officer, who calls in the CSIs. Doug's amnesia is so bad he doesn't even remember himself, not even his own name. Mitch's DNA comes up on record from testing Doug's clothes, as Mitch served prison time for insider trading. Trace on Doug's shoes lead to the crime scene, where the Crawfords are all found dead. Doug's wallet was found at the scene, his driver's license revealing his name. The team bonds with Doug in the interest of helping him, especially Eric Delko, who had his own amnesia from being shot on the job.

Doug is arranged to be institutionalized to assist in his memory recall. Due to his dissociation to protect his psyche, even in spite of his amnesia, when he sees pictures of the crime scene and sees Mitch dead, he recoils and has a breakdown because he doesn't want to remember. Looking into Doug's past, Horatio Caine reads about his father's murder, elaborating on details of Doug's post-traumatic amnesia. Mitch's watch had Sabin's DNA, but Sabin denied involvement in the murders, saying he wasn't the only furious client and they were bothering to sue Mitch more than Sabin.

Logan Crawford, the only living member of the family, after admitting he snuck out of Fort Lauderdale and found his family dead without reporting, remembered Doug in the missing red hat. Back at the road where Doug was found, the grate and the hat are tracked. Sabin's print was on the grate confirming his involvement, and he shamelessly admitted everything. After Sabin is arrested and incarcerated, Doug meets with Caine, who says Doug could face murder two charges and be jailed as well. Caine still reassures Doug he has a chance to be cleared, even in spite of what he was put through and the resulting consequences that even he was responsible for. Doug's fate in the end is left ambiguous and unknown.

Modus Operandi[]

Under the threat of Kurt Sabin's sawed-off shotgun, Doug stabbed Mitch Crawford six times in the chest. Because of the trauma of witnessing his father's murder as a boy, Doug's resurfacing and new trauma collectively made him forget the murder, nearly being hit by a car when he stumbled out onto an open road.

Known Victims[]

  • Mitch Crawford (stabbed six times in the chest)