Minor Character: Miami
Name Duane Edmunds
Gloria Haberfield
Gender Male (Edmunds)
Female (Haberfield)
City Miami
Pathology Attempted Murderer (Edmunds)
Murderer (Haberfield)
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims Each other
Status Deceased (Edmunds)
Incarcerated (Haberfield)
Portrayed By LaTanya Williams (Haberfield)
Kurry Williams (Edmunds)
First Appearance The Best Defense

Duane Edmunds and Gloria Haberfield are a volatile couple both responsible for making violent and potentially deadly attempts on each other. Edmunds didn't get out alive, but Haberfield did, being put on trial and represented by Kenwall Duquesne. Both appeared in flashbacks in The Best Defense in CSI:Miami.


One night, when the two were screaming at each other in an argument in the car, Edmunds grabbed a screwdriver from the door caddy, then tried to stab Haberfield in the stomach. She was saved when her seatbelt stopped the stab, but she lost hit herself and stabbed Edmunds back. But it was more than protecting herself, because when Edmunds was knocked out by one stab in his temple, Haberfield jumped at the chance to stab him five more times in his abdomen, then lift his head and stab his throat to puncture his carotid, all to ensure he died. She was somehow found out and arrested, with Kenwall Duquesne acting as her defense counsel. He requested his daughter, Calleigh Duquesne, to go over the forensics in hopes he could better defend Haberfield's case, despite a witness having seen her deal most of the blows, but getting wrong that she initiated the entire altercation with the screwdriver. Calleigh did, even finding the seatbelt mark missed that prove Haberfield was also attacked. However, the carotid artery blood spatter showed Haberfield willingly wanted Edmunds dead after being stabbed unconscious in self-defense, legally classifying it as murder. Ken hears this, and remembering he turned down a plea for Haberfield, he says in shock "I just buried my client", leaving him to go out and spend the night drinking after unwittingly sealing Haberfield's incarceration.

Modus Operandi[]

Edmunds and Haberfield both used a screwdriver on each other at the breaking point of a screaming altercation in the car. Edmunds grabbed the screwdriver and tried to stab Haberfield, but the weapon hit her seatbelt, saving her even from injury. But she lost it and took the screwdriver to use in retaliation. However, instead of justifiably only stabbing Edmunds once in the right temple to defend herself, she stabbed Edmunds five more times in his stomach and then lifted his head up to puncture his carotid artery as a final stab with the screwdriver to ensure he was dead.

Known Victims[]

  • Gloria Haberfield (Edmunds attempted to stab her in the stomach with a screwdriver; the screwdriver caught on her seatbelt instead)
  • Duane Edmunds (stabbed once in his right temple, five times in his stomach, and once in his neck at his carotid artery with the same screwdriver by Haberfield)