Dead Memories is the twenty-first episode and Season Two finale of CSI: Vegas.

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Dying Words
Csi vegas
Season 2
Number 21
Writer Graham Thiel
Director Jason Tracey
Original Airdate May 18, 2023
Previous Episode: Shell Game
Next Episode: The Reaper


The CSI team investigates a murder case that hits close to home for Folsom. When he's forced to sit this investigation out, he does his own digging with help from his friend Trey.


Victims: Jeannette Folsom, unnamed female victim (both deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Beau Finado, Catherine Willows, Maxine Roby, Penny Gill, Det. Serena Chavez

While keeping surveillance on his mother, Folsom watches her get into a dark-colored sedan with another guy. A light-colored Mercedes follows close behind; after some time, Folsom follows, as well. Jeannette Folsom is brought to a warehouse and introduced to a dead body on the ground. She immediately knows this doesn't bode well for her, and her traveling companion informs her that "she did this to herself." A struggle soon ensues, which is interrupted by a shadowy figure wielding a knife. As Jeannette begs for her life, she's stabbed to death multiple times.

The following morning, Max meets Allie and Det. Chavez at the scene. Though she never met Jeannette, Allie can identify her based on the picture Folsom carries around with him. The other victim isn't recognized by anyone who works at the warehouse, which is a slot machine repair facility. Security footage is lacking, as the killer (or killers) took it with them, tripping an alarm in the process. Noting the differences in the victims' methods of death, Allie believes that the first victim was strangled to death long before Jeannette was killed. Because the strangulation was messy and took too long, the killer made sure Jeannette's death was quicker. The first victim was strangled with polyethylene (shrink wrap), which is located all over the warehouse. Max notes that the substance is great for holding fingerprints and other trace evidence. After Det. Chavez fails to get in contact with Folsom, Max leaves a voice mail on his phone and gives him the bad news. Folsom, who is visiting one of his childhood homes, gets the message and lets out an anguishing yell.

In autopsy, Folsom caresses his mother's hand and spots skin cells under her fingernails; she got a piece of her killer. He also advises Dr. Hudson to run a tox panel on both victims, as he believes there's a link somewhere. Folsom becomes irate when informed he's not allowed to work the case and confronts Max about the decision. She secretly lets him look through the case file and ensures him that they'll find the people who did this. "We'll see," Folsom ominously replies before storming out of the lab.

Allie and Beau process the many bundles of shrink wrap from the scene. The section wrapped around the victim's neck surprisingly comes up empty, possibly because the killer was wearing gloves. Another section has a barcode on it along with some words. The thought is that it could be from a shipping label; however, the piece is put aside. While Beau runs trace found on one of the sections, Allie finds partial fingerprints on another. The trace comes back as heroin and other chemical compounds. Allie instructs that the report be given to Det. Chavez to see if it ties in with any recent drug busts. Meanwhile, Catherine finds Folsom in autopsy. He claims that he had left his jacket behind earlier and brushes aside Catherine's attempts to console him and appeal to his good sense.

Max uses nucleic extraction and phenotypical analysis on the skin cells found under Jeannette's nails. The results show that they're looking for a left-handed Caucasian male of above average height with brown hair and brown eyes. Det. Chavez realizes that she's seen someone who fits that description—in an LVPD file Folsom had someone pull for him. She pulls the file from the evidence locker, which contains a photo of the top two suspects. One of the suspects is Jared Ott, a suspected fentanyl dealer. The crew has been under surveillance for weeks, including at their home addresses and places of business. Det. Chavez realizes that Folsom has a copy of the files.

Jared Ott is pulled over for driving an unregistered vehicle and brought into interrogation. The police don't have enough to compel a DNA sample, and Jared refuses to roll up his sleeves when asked to do so. He also claims that he's never seen the slot machine repair warehouse in his life. When it's determined that trace from a clump of shrink wrap next to the bodies is actually jet fuel, the team concludes that Jared and his associates were running drugs in from China. Both Jeannette and the other victim were mules, and the drugs were being stored in the slot machines at the airport. The thought is that Jeannette and the other woman were skimming product, which is what got them killed. Det. Chavez believes that whoever actually owns the slot machine business is the one who gave the orders.

Police records show that Jared was the prime suspect in the recent aggravated assault of a junkie; however, he wasn't charged, and his DNA wasn't put on file. Jet fuel dust is found on the steering wheel of the car Jared was driving, putting him at the scene. As the interrogation continues, Max fixates on Jared's driver's license. She sees that he's left-handed; however, he's nursing his left hand and is even unable to pick up a paper cup with it. Based on the amount of strength needed to strangle someone with the shrink wrap, Max believes Jared was too injured to have done the deed.

As Allie and Penny continue to process the shrink wrap, Max hones in on the piece found earlier containing the barcode and supposed shipping label. Noting that shrink wrap snaps back into its original shape when heated up, Beau uses a heat gun on it and makes the wording temporarily visible. A hole is eventually burned into it, but Allie was recording the process and got a still of the label. When the name "R. Tarquenio" is mentioned, Catherine recalls that a Raphael Tarquenio was a major narcotics trafficker. Beau sees that the suffix on the shipping code is an airport code.

Meanwhile, Folsom bails his friend Trey out of jail and informs him of Jeannette's murder. Trey drives them to a strip club to meet Kahn Schefter, a well-connected middleman who knows everyone moving fentanyl and heroin west of the Vegas Strip. It's assumed that Kahn won't know who killed Jeannette, but Trey believes they can get him to talk. In a private room of the club, a stripper tries dosing Kahn's drink, but gets caught in the act. As the two start to fight, Trey enters and hits Kahn over the head with a lamp, knocking him out. He then takes Kahn's phone and sees that it's recent location history includes Harry Reid Airport.

Folsom uses bolt cutters breaks into an airplane hangar at the airport. There, he finds a shipping manifest connected with Raphael Tarquenio, along with a boxcutter that tests positive for heroin. Trey soon arrives with Kahn, who has his hands zip-tied behind his back. He informs Folsom that Kahn made a dozen trips to the hangar in the past week and a half. When Jeannette's name is mentioned, Kahn clams up, informing Folsom and Trey that the people they're after are too powerful. Folsom says that he'll get Kahn to talk, as he pulls the boxcutter out of his kit.

Folsom figures that Raphael is likely Kahn's boss. He's also reached the same conclusion as his fellow CSIs, knowing that Jeannette was running drugs. The box cutter was used to open a brick of the stuff, and he believes he can match the drugs on the blade to the ones found in his mother's system. Now having had enough, Folsom marks a distance of five feet on the ground and lightly slices Kahn's wrist with the box cutter. When Kahn mentions that he can't feel his hands and finds blood pooling on the ground behind him, Folsom informs him that his artery and vein have been sliced. When the blood pool reaches five feet, Kahn will have lost too much blood to survive. However, if Kahn confesses as to who killed Jeannette, Folsom will apply pressure and stop the bleeding.

As the blood pool grows larger, Kahn finally admits that Raphael's nephew is the one who killed Jeannette. The only information about the man is that he goes by "Z"; Kahn can't even confirm that he was the one driving the Mercedes Folsom saw that night. It's Trey's turn to get agitated, as he pushes Folsom away from Kahn and lets him bleed out. Kahn passes out, but Folsom eventually reveals that the blood on the ground is actually Jeannette's, which he stole from autopsy earlier when Catherine caught him. Kahn himself is perfectly fine, and has now provided the duo with the information they need to hunt down Jeannette's killer. However, when he goes to cut Kahn's zip-tie, Folsom spots two scratch marks on his arm. There's only one conclusion—Kahn is the one Jeannette was trying to fight off. "She couldn't stop you," Folsom angrily remarks, "and now, you can't stop me."

The rest of the team makes it to the airplane hangar; however, the scene has been cleaned up, save for an overturned chair and a bloody box cutter. Kahn's bloodied body is soon found in a dumpster across from the strip club he frequented. Folsom is tracked to his old childhood home, where he's found holding a picture of his mother. As he's arrested, he informs Max and Det. Chavez that he found the guy responsible. Jeannette's photo is shown once more; there's a bloody thumbprint where Folsom was holding it.


Main Cast[]

  • Paula Newsome as Maxine Roby
  • Matt Lauria as Joshua Folsom
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan
  • Ariana Guerra as Det. Serena Chavez
  • Jay Lee as Chris Park (credit only)
  • Lex Medlin as Beau Finado
  • Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows

Guest Cast[]

  • Daniel di Tomasso as Trey
    • Rhys Becker as Young Trey
  • Derek Webster as Dr. Milton Hudson
  • Sarah Gilman as Penny Gill
  • Shane Callahan as Kahn Schefter
  • Lolita Davidovich as Jeannette Folsom
    • Erica Piccininni as Young Jeannette Folsom
  • Caden Dragomer as Young Joshua Folsom
  • Kevin Fonteyne as Jared Ott
  • Kevin Brief as Grandad Tyler

Major Events[]

  • Folsom's mother is murdered and he tracks down the person responsible.
  • Allie is promoted to shift supervisor.


  • Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia


  • Jay Lee (Chris) is credited but does not appear in this episode.
  • Both Allie and Beau spot an engagement ring on Penny's finger. Penny tells Beau that she's engaged to someone he knows, but keeps the mystery man's identity a secret.

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