Minor Character: Miami
Eddie Corbett
Name Eddie Corbett
Gender Male
Family Diane Corbett (sister; deceased)
City Miami
Occupation Babysitter (formerly)
Personal assistant
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Hanging, preceded by assault
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Adam LaVorgna
First Appearance Rush

Eddie Corbett is the murderer of famed actor Brody Lassiter, who was also his childhood friend and who he killed out of revenge.


Eddie and Brody knew each other since Eddie used to babysit him in his youth, which is around when Brody started his career. Brody also dated Eddie's sister Diane, before she was killed in a car crash where she was the only one found at the scene. What no one else knew all those years was Brody was driving the car, which left permanent injuries on his ribs from the steering wheel. Since Diane was already dead and Brody was too afraid to think outside of protecting himself, he moved Diane to the driver's seat and fled the scene to escape any punishment. Eddie was heartbroken, and in spite of Brody's guilt all that time, the two grew closer together and Brody offered the best consolation he could.

Eddie grew to be Brody's personal assistant and was Brody's primary personal support when Brody checked himself into rehab due to his substance abuse. During the recovery process, Brody reached the step of making amends and taking personal ownership. He called Eddie to his room and, riddled with remorse, revealed the truth about Diane's death and begged Eddie for forgiveness. Eddie was just bewildered, then furious, enraged enough to shove Brody hard off the elevated floor in his room onto the lower floor. Eddie knocked Brody unconscious, but he thought Brody was dead. Finding the noose of another patient, Jolene Kitt, she made out of dental floss to kill herself, Eddie stole it and hanged Brody to disguise the attack as a suicide. However, Brody woke up and tried to yank the noose off him as he was choking. Eddie, panicked and still resentful, fled the scene without thinking after just a few seconds of watching Brody die and didn't stay around to save him. Facility chief Peter Ashford placed Brody in the trunk of his car which would be used later for stunts in his film, all for hiding the fact he sold camera footage of his patients and hoped to cover that up.

Eddie arrived to see the police responding to Brody being found in the car on set while it was being used. He feigned grief and anguish and elaborated their shared history. Ashford was later tracked when tracing Brody's corpse being moved, which is when they found the noose Ashford was about to throw out. Jolene was tracked because it took as much time as her stay to make the noose, which no other patient had time for, but she was also ruled out and lent a hand by Eric Delko because she was suicidal and he encouraged her because of his brush with death. Eddie was finally identified when matching Brody's wounds on his ribs to Diane's death, and the same strain of heroin in the floss rope was found in Eddie's apartment. Eddie finally caved and confessed in full, before being arrested and incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Brody Lassiter (shoved off an elevated floor and knocked unconscious; fatally hanged and staged to look like a suicide)