Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Eddie Willows
Gender Male
Family Catherine Willows (ex-wife)
Lindsey Willows (daughter)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Musical producer
Pathology Alleged Rapist
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Timothy Carhart
First Appearance Who Are You?

Eddie Willows was the husband of Catherine Willows, with whom he had a daughter, Lindsey Willows. He was murdered in the Season Three episode Lady Heather's Box.


Catherine Willows met Eddie at a young age and he promised her that she would have a career in the music industry. They got married after spending many months together. However Eddie cheated on Catherine during their marriage. When their turbulent quasi-romance ended, Eddie left her with ten dollars in the bank, a coke habit, and a small child, Lindsey.

Season 1[]

Eddie was introduced in Who Are You?, when an exotic dancer accuses him of rape, and by his request, Catherine handles the investigation. She learns that Eddie had promised to make April a music video star. When he failed to deliver, she set him up for rape in order to collect on a payoff. His next appearance, is in the episode Blood Drops, when he sends Family Services to Catherine after accusing her of parental neglect, because she did not pick up Lindsey from ballet class. His last appearance in Season One is in Too Tough to Die, where he took out a second mortgage on the house he owns with Catherine. He visits the Crime lab with their daughter and while Warrick takes Lindsey to play with him, they argue about taking Lindsey to a restaurant on a school night and they get into a physical altercation, which Grissom breaks up. After being told to get Eddie out, Grissom warns Eddie to not be in the building again and he thinks that Grissom and Catherine have a hidden relationship, which Grissom denies by just simply telling him to go home.

Season 3[]

Eddie makes his last appears in Lady Heather's Box when he is found dead from a bullet wound. After his car crashes in a water channel, Lindsey is stuck in her dad's sinking car. She has to use his cell phone to get her mother and Catherine is faced with a crisis to save her from drowning. Eddie's body was later found a few feet away, and before the autopsy Catherine said goodbye to him. The case was left unsolved, in technicalities because the guilty parties could be charged at best with lesser offenses, and during an interrogation, Catherine threatened to kill a suspect who insulted Lindsey.


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