Minor Character: Miami
Name Elena Manus
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Fraudulent medium
Pathology Con Artist
Serial Poisoner
Proxy Tamperer
Proxy Attempted Murderer
Modus Operandi Datura poisoning
Proxy dismemberment
Proxy shooting
No. of Victims 2 poisoned
1 dismembered postmortem by proxy
2 attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Beth Littleford
First Appearance Sleepless in Miami

Elena Manus is a con artist, serial poisoner, proxy criminal, and conspirator appearing in Sleepless in Miami in CSI:Miami.


Manus was a fraudulent clairvoyant who peddled her scheme using intuition in her clients and drugs like datura, a violent hallucinogen she'd burn inside candles for her clients to breathe in extreme circumstances. She would give her clients "Magic Fish" were contact information like business cards. One of her clients was wealthy holistic clinic owner Stacy Garrett, in the process of a mutual divorce with her husband Brandon and having an affair with one of her employees, Peter Truitt. She brought Brandon and her mister, Truitt, to see Manus, under the guise of consultation for spiritual counseling as they continued to arrange the divorce papers. In truth, heavily convinced by Manus' scheme, she hired her to get Brandon in a lone session to "drain" his life. Truitt knew she was a hoax, but he wanted Brandon dead just as much, so he shook Brandon's hand with a tiny needle before leaving, the needle laced with venom from the cone snails at Stacy's shop. Manus performed her usual scheme on Brandon alone, but to her horror, Brandon did have his life slip away in from of her eyes when she "drained" it, as Truitt suspected. Believing she was "for real" and no longer running a scheme, she panicked and feared repercussions for her role in the murder. To cover her own tracks, she placed Brandon's corpse in his tub, lured client and recovering druggie Jason Reger over, and laced in with her datura candle to make him do the work she couldn't and take the rap.

Sleepless in Miami[]

In his drug induced state, assuming he was being killed and fighting for his life in various landscapes and circumstances, Manus commanded Reger to cut off Brandon's head and hands, disposing of his dismembered remains. The plan works, as he shoves Brandon's hands in a furnace, throws his body off a pier in a trunk, and is caught by the MDPD burying Brandon's head in the Everglades. Coming to his sense, he believes Manus' lie that he killed Brandon just from dismembering him while on the plant, but his defense covers him and tells him to stop so he doesn't incriminate himself. Manus' Magic Fish she gave to Reger, with a broken back fin, traces back to her, and she "senses" it's Reger's with nothing more than a touch, and of course knowing all along. After interrogating Stacy, the CSIs find out she was paid fifty thousand for a fertility chart, and she's four months pregnant from the success. Believing Manus killed Brandon and used Reger as an accomplice, Natalia Boa Vista is sent undercover as a client with marital problems. But Manus takes the chance to abduct her once she under the influence of datura as well, leaving a looping hypnosis tape behind and Boa Vista's wire to give her time to flee. Finding the candle, they soon trace Boa Vista to a warehouse, where she's already under the violent influence, she hallucinate Nick Townsend, her ex and stalker, but Ryan Wolfe and Horatio Caine are really there to talk her down. Unable to hear past the weed, she shoots at the both of them to keep them back out of her own terror. When she's distracted, the two take the opportunity to tackle her and hold her down, calling for an ambulance while she's crying and begging for mercy well be she detoxes. Finding the cash Reger paid Manus, Walter Simmons stakes the office knowing she'll come back for it, and she's arrested and taken into custody. She eventually caves and admits the session, as well as Brandon dying in front of her and the resulting cover up, but she hysterically says she believes her "psychic powers were real" in that moment. But tracing his symptoms, Tom Loman successfully tests Garret as positive for cone snail venom, as well as finds the punctures in Brandon's hand from the handshake. Originally suspecting and confronting Stacy, Truitt barges out with a gun and fully confesses, before fleeing, and then being killed by a cargo truck on the road. Manus is incarcerated, and Reger's told by Boa Vista he's also being charged, but the CSIs will defend him for a full acquittal. Caine and Wolfe agree alone Boa Vista's shooting is their sworn secret, and that not even she is to know.

Known Victims[]

  • Brandon Garrett (conspired with Peter Truitt to kill under a ruse; had Jason Reger dispose of his corpse)
  • Jason Reger (drugged with datura; forced to dismember and dispose of Garrett's remains)
  • Natalia Boa Vista (drugged with datura; forced to shoot at Wolfe and Caine during hallucinations)
  • Ryan Wolfe (attempted; tried to have Boa Vista shoot, but missed; she was rescued)
  • Horatio Caine (attempted; tried to have Boa Vista shoot, but missed; she was rescued)