Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Eli Holt
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Budding serial killer
Modus Operandi Strangulation
Postmortem mutilation
No. of Victims 2 killed
2 abducted
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Matthew R. Staley
First Appearance Cold Blooded

Eli Holt is a budding serial killer who appeared in flashbacks in Cold Blooded in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Holt abducted Whitney Kohler and Rachel Beck, strangled them, and tried to cut their fingers off to prevent their identification, before burying them in separate locations. He was caught and convicted without the girls being recovered. Five years later, he attempted to hang himself. Jason Richter, a prison guard, narrowly saved Holt, but Holt slipped into a coma. Richter saw that Holt traced a map to where the girls were buried, having decided to extort Rachel's mother Carly for money using the information. Posing as Holt's friend and sending letters and phone messages, including photos of the girls in mummified decay, Richter demanded Carly give $5,000 each for the locations of the girls.

Carly scrambled to pawn items for the money, including the watch of Phil Kohler, Whitney's depressed father who gave it to her out of defeat from his life falling apart. Richter shot Phil when Carly told him Phil gave her a watch and knew about the plot, stopping all communications so Richter would cover his tracks. Trace evidence from Holt's uncle's tools in his garage and an analysis of the photos of the girls based on their landscapes led police to their remains, and Carly was reassured they'd both be returned to their living families. Richter was identified and arrested when he tried to burn evidence and run. Holt was still in a coma, and his prognosis was left unknown.

Modus Operandi[]

Holt targeted two girls he saw out in public together, kidnapping them, strangling them, and attempting to cut off their fingers at his uncle's house in the interest of keeping them from being identified by their prints, though the last maneuver failed. Each girl was buried in separate desert locations, mummified from climate conditions and still in their clothes.

Known Victims[]

  • The double kidnapping-homicide (strangled and mutilated their fingers):
    • Whitney Kohler
    • Rachel Beck