Minor Character: Miami
Elizabeth Williamson
Name Elizabeth
Alias Shea "Too-Shea" Williamson
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Reality TV star
MIT graduate
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 illegally aborted
Status Incarcerated
First Appearance Reality Kills

Shea "Too-Shea" Williamson (real name Elizabeth, surname unknown) is a murderer appearing in Reality Kills in CSI:Miami.


Elizabeth was originally an MIT success, but the stress of her daily assignments and the debts from her college loans not only made her dreams of success harder, her chance of a social life was taken away. A completely fraudulent "reality" show titled The Boroughs offer her fame and publicity she never had under the assumed name of Shea Williamson, needing a fake Brooklyn accent and the nickname "Too-Shea" for product sponsorship to match. She loved her lifestyle and had mixed feelings about her cast mates, priest candidate Zachary "Guns" Rittner representing "The Bronx", drug dealer Gabe Calligan representing "Queens", and Connecticut hometown hero Megan Rauch whose stage name was Courtney Alderman, secretly married to high school sweetheart James Reed. She felt like her world would crash when she found out Rauch was leaving the show, having a baby with Reed and being so overjoyed she loved the idea of growing up in the real life and sharing her life with her husband and child. Elizabeth, speaking more in her Williamson persona even without the accent, felt betrayed and insisted she really wanted Rauch to stay, believing the show and high life wouldn't go on without her. Rauch just hoped she'd understand at some point and take care of herself like Rauch was doing for herself. In a fit of rage, Elizabeth broke off the pointed handle of an ice sculpture Statue of Liberty torch and stabbed Rauch's right eardrum with it, cause her to start bleeding in her brain, just before walking out to an exhibition they were scheduled for in Miami.

Reality Kills[]

When each of the other cast mates come out and endorse their sponsorship, Courtney Raush stumbles forward disoriented from the blow she was dealt, barely getting her words out before she tumbles over the perch to her death. An environmental activist with a pellet gun was suspected, but it only had red paintballs, and shots were never fired. Knowing one of the cast mates killed her before the show because it fits the timing, after they determine her cause of death, they bring the other cast members in.

Once they frisk them, they find Calligan has a pocket knife, Elizabeth has a nail file, and Rittner has a comb with a long handle, each slender enough to be the murder weapon. When they all test clean, all three cast mates are released. Elizabeth as "Too-Shea" is later seen in archival footage when the scene shows that Courtney was pregnant, portrayed as Rittner's baby, but gripping her abdomen only proves she really was having a baby. When Reed's found and brought in, he reveals the two of them are married, and they got into an altercation because he thought the baby wasn't his, but they calmed down and he celebrated with her, denying he'd kill his family. Rittner backs it up as well, saying per his qualifications for being a priest, he's a devout virgin, the proceeds from the show going to the church.

Going back to the crime scene, Natalia Boa Vista and Walter Simmons figure it out: seeing the missing handle of the "torch", they realize they didn't find the weapon because it melted. They bring the statue back to the lab, and residue clinches Elizabeth's guilt: it's spray tan, the same brand she endorses and wears personally.

Going back to a shoot, they tell her she's under arrest, which makes her tell the vast and crew to leave immediately. When they tell her they know who she really is, she drops her accent. She initially claims that she has a quarter million dollars worth of student loans from MIT and Courtney leaving was going to ruin her livelihood. However, when Ryan points out that she already made enough money to pay off her loans, she admits the truth: despite being a successful academic and having papers published in her name, she had no social life and spent most of her life alone. After getting on the show with a new identity and persona from the producers, she received the attention she had desperately wanted for years. When Courtney told her she was going to leave, she tried to convince her to stay, but Courtney responded that she wasn't her problem. Enraged, Elizabeth stabbed Courtney through the ear with an icicle from the ice sculpture. Elizabeth breaks down and is arrested. She is later printed and has her mugshot taken at the department, reports flocking past Calligan, who was released from drug charges, to get the scoop on Elizabeth's arrest. She's soon after incarcerated for murder in the second degree.

Known Victims[]

  • Megan Rauch aka Courtney Alderman (stabbed in her ear with a sharp block of ice, causing her to lose her balance and plummet off a balcony a minute later; her unborn child was also killed)