Main Character: New York
Gender Female
Family Kevin McBride (father, deceased)
Annie McBride (mother)
City New York
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Casey LaBow

Ella McBride is a woman, who has an obsession with Mac Taylor.


Dead Inside[]

Forbidden Fruit[]

Ella follows Mac to a grocery store, where she told him about how she visited her mother in prison and her confession cards will be made into a book, and tries to invite him to breakfast, but he leaves after being called to a double homicide.

Later, Ella visits Mac before handing him a post card of a purse design, seemingly relevant to the victim, until he discovered it to be false before confronting her about it with a stern reprimand. Later, she calls him to apologize before attempting to commit suicide by slitting her wrists, but Mac arrives to save her in time.

No Good Deed[]

Mac had admitted Ella into hospital following her suicide attempt, and was sent to a halfway house to recover. After solving a murder, Mac visits Ella before inviting her to coffee, which she then told him about how she heard that vulture that dropped the victim's eyeball into Stella's cup, to Mac's amusement.