Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Emily Bridwell and Gwen Onetta
Gender Female (both)
City Las Vegas
Occupation High school students
Pathology Robbers
Murderer (Bridwell)
Modus Operandi Burglary
Bludgeoning and framing (Bridwell)
No. of Victims 2+ robbed
1 killed (Bridwell)
1 framed (Bridwell)
Status Deceased (both)
Portrayed By Lindsey Bushman (Bridwell)
Kiersey Clemons (Onetta)
First Appearance Frame by Frame

Emily Bridwell and Gwen Onetta were a duo of robbers, Bridwell later killing Onetta spontaneously, both appearing in Frame by Frame in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Little is known about the two girls other than they were in high school, burglarized multiple before but were caught and then released from lack of evidence, and that Bridwell had a boyfriend named Ryan, whom Onetta was secretly having sex with behind Bridwell's back. By means unspecified, in 2013, Darcy Blaine and Bob Geer commissioned the girls to break into Jack Witten's mansion and steal a roll of film proving Blaine's alive, having framed Witten for her disappearance. Having the ruse from them and a cover story to insure them, they broke into the house, put in the code to his vault, and secured the film. But at the worst time for them both, Ryan sent Bridwell a text telling the truth about the infidelity. A confrontation between the two led to a scuffle, and at the height of it, in a fit of jealous rage, Bridwell killed Onetta with one blow to her head with Bridwell's flashlight, leaving her at the mansion to frame him for the murder. She them swallowed the film and tied and gagged herself in his vault after locking it behind her so she'd be found at some point and pretend like she was being held captive. The ruse briefly worked, as the CSIs found her while processing the crime scene and interrogating Witten. But when they found the murder weapon, she was accurately fingered as Onetta's killer. They couldn't bring her to justice, as the film gave her lethal silver poisoning and she died at the hospital. The crimes would soon be tied to Geer, who'd be shot by Blaine, and Blaine herself, who'd be incarcerated for her roles.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unspecified burglaries
  • Jack Witten (broke into his mansion and stole a roll of film; Bridwell later framed for murder and captivity)
  • Gwen Onetta (bludgeoned once in the back of her head with a flashlight by Bridwell)

Known Employers[]


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