Minor Character: New York
Name Eric Blaylock
Gender Male
Birth Date June 1, 1989
Family unknown
City New York
Occupation Murderer
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Grant Harvey
First Appearance Civilized Lies

Eric Blaylock was the leader of a criminal group in Season Nine of CSI: NY.


Blaylock blackmailed Anthony Lombardo into joining him and Roland "Mookie" Benitez. He threatened Lombardo that if he tells anyone else about it or if he's been suspected, he would kill his wife and daughter.

Season Nine[]

Civilized Lies[]

He persuaded Lombardo to get back at Mark Riley, an off-duty cop who also worked at a store, for firing him, and that he and Mookie would accompany him. They succeeded in killing Riley, but not before Riley shot Lombardo in the shoulder and Mookie in the leg. When the CSIs brought Lombardo to the police department and made some stories to make Anthony tell the truth and discovers his previous employment with Riley, Anthony gives up lying and talked about Eric's involvement. Eric was then taken into custody. After he was taken into the jail cell where Lombardo is, he called him stupid and lashes out at Lombard that the cops were playing him.

Known Victims[]


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