Minor Character: New York
Name Eric Slovenski
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Grocery store deliveryman
Pathology Murderer
Sexual assailant
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 stalked
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Hugh Scott
First Appearance Blood, Sweat & Tears

Eric Slovenski is the murderer of battered wife Lita Cartey appearing in Blood, Sweat & Tears in CSI:NY.


Slovenski was a delivery man for a grocery store Lita ordered from while hiding from her violent husband, Jason Cartey, at the apartment of her sorority sister, Paige Worthy. Slovenski became obsessed with Lita and wanted to be with her, but being in hiding and trying to take care of herself, she wasn't interested. During one delivery, Slovenski intentionally spilled loomi from Lita's order, pretending to pick up after an accident just to get closer to her in proximity. When Slovenski tried to make a pass at Lita, she tried to get him away. Slovenski got more aggressive, to the point he stabbed Lita's leg, which caused her to start bleeding to death.

Jason came knocking on the door for several minutes, so he hid until Jason left. Lita died from blood loss in that short time because her artery in her thigh was cut. Slovenski panicked, wrapped Lita in a shower curtain, and threw her down the garbage chute. With only her blood at the scene, the CSIs thought Paige was dead, but it was Lita who was found clogging the chute. Paige was tracked to a motel she was staying at, because Lita had to stay longer and Jason kept harassing them both, and Paige confirmed Lita's name and reason for living in her apartment.

Jason was cleared of involvement, after he was confirmed to have just stood outside the apartment, not went inside. Remembering Lita had a full fridge, but her order of loomi was almost empty, they go to the grocery store where Slovenski worked. The team immediately knew he was guilty from scratches on his face when Lita was fighting back. He was arrested and confessed to his motives and why he didn't save Lita, leading to Slovenski being incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Slovenski sexually harassed and assaulted Lita, then stabbed her leg in a struggle when she didn't give him what he wanted. Slovenski stayed silent when Jason came to the door and didn't even call for help, leaving Lita to bleed to death on the floor from her cut leg artery. He left the food delivery behind, wrapped Lita up in a shower curtain when she was dead, and threw her down the garbage chute.

Known Victims[]

  • Lita Cartey (sexually harassed, assaulted, and stabbed in her leg, causing her to bleed to death; wrapped in a shower curtain and threw down a garbage chute postmortem)