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Minor Character: New York
Eva mason
Name Eva Mason
Gender Female
Birth Date March 11, 1983
City New York
Occupation College student
Pathology Serial Arsonist
No. of Victims 1
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Mageina Tovah
First Appearance Reignited

"Fire is the only thing you think about. The way it looks, the way it smells, the way it moves-those were your words!"
―Eva's psychotic breakdown

Eva Mason is a serial arsonist and murderer who appeared in Reignited, the first episode of the Ninth Season of CSI: NY.


Eva Mason was a psychology student. Prior to that she had been convicted of arson in Pennsylvania, but left the state while on parole. As part of her studies, which focused on arsonists and pyromaniacs, she interviewed convicted arsonist Leonard Brooks and became increasingly obsessed with him.

Season Nine[]


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Modus Operandi[]

Mason copied Brooks' M.O. when starting fires and even picked some of the same addresses. However, she would also set up tripwire traps consisting of balloons filled with triethylaluminium, which catches fire upon contact with air, that were stacked on an improvised shelf over a doorway that would break when firemen broke the tripwire and cause an explosion that would kill them.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates-July 2012: Unspecified number of victimless fire in Pennsylvania
  • 2012:
    • September 26: Captain Curtis Smith (killed with a tripwire fire trap)
    • September 28:
      • The fire at 152 8th Street in Brooklyn (no fatalities; the fire trap wasn't triggered)
      • Leonard Brooks (attempted to kill; held at gunpoint and tried to kill in a gas explosion)


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