Evan Taylor Ellingson (July 1, 1988 – November 5, 2023) was an American actor. He portrayed Kyle Harmon, the son of Lt. Horatio Caine, in seasons six through eight of CSI: Miami.

Early Life[]

Evan Ellingson began to forge a varied career that spans from comedy to drama. After landing guest spots on MAD TV, Evan's television career began to take shape with a series regular role on the FOX sitcom Titus. Then, in 2004, Evan was chosen to play "Kyle Savage," son of single dad Keith Carradine in the Mel Gibson/Simpson's Producers in an ABC sitcom Complete Savages. Although the series was short lived, Evan wasted no time in finding other ways to expand his dramatic acting as Josh Bauer in 24 and now Kyle Harmon (Caruso's son) on CSI Miami. Evan's just finished his next project, My Sister's Keeper, playing the son of Cameron Diaz/Jason Patric, brother to Abigail Breslin. In 2006 Evan was cast by Clint Eastwood in Letters From Iwo Jima (1 of 10 Americans).

Evan Ellingson grew up in La Verne, California with his three brothers. He was an active sports enthusiast/extremist, who enjoys surfing, snowboarding, skating and currently is exploring mountain climbing and scuba diving. In fact it was Evan's love of sports that put him on the road to stardom. At ten, Evan was discovered at a skate park and was asked to not only skate for the Vans PeeWee team, but to do a commercial for the Vans Company. It was Evan's unmistakable charisma and talent which prompted him to be asked to do a trilogy of short films playing a character that was written specifically for him. This short led to the start of his rapidly developing career.


He guest-starred on MAD TV, and then had a regular role on the Fox sitcom Titus. In 2004, Evan was chosen to play Kyle Savage on the Mel Gibson-produced short-lived sitcom Complete Savages in ABC's TGIF line-up. The show was cancelled after one season.

In 2007, Ellingson had a recurring role on the sixth season of TV series 24 as the nephew of Jack Bauer. In the fall of 2007, Ellingson began the role on CBS's CSI: Miami as Kyle Harmon, the long-lost son of Miami-Dade Police Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso). This was a sporadically reappearing role. He also appeared in the film My Sister's Keeper where he portrayed Jesse Fitzgerald, the son of Sara Fitzgerald played by Cameron Diaz.


  • Has a daughter named Brooklynn Ellingson.
  • Ellingson's real brother died during the making of My Sister's Keeper.
  • He passed away at his home in Fontana, San Bernardino, California at the age of 35.