Minor Character: Miami
Eve Martinkus
Name Eva Martinkus
Alias Karla Gardner
Numerous unnamed aliases
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Con artist
Modus Operandi Purse snatching preceded by identity theft
No. of Victims 21+ robbed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jud Taylor
First Appearance Identity

Eve Martinkus is an identity thief and later a framed suspect of murder by one of her fraud victims, Karla Gardner.


Martinkus had a long history of personal information theft, ranging at least twenty women. Gardner would be the last woman she targeted, when Gardner through a loan application in the trash without shredding it, and Martinkus fished out to steal the info. For a year and a half, Martinkus would be taking advantage of impersonating Gardner, even down to having Federal Trade Commission documents she stole from Gardner when she could.

When Gardner's purse was snatched and the thief was caught, Martinkus arrived to steal the purse herself, using a document she lifted as "proof" and pretending to be the victim. Gardner later arrived and is upset Martinkus got her purse, showing far more FTC documents to police. Thankfully, Martinkus is outed when a fluoroscope shows Gardner's previous bone fractures. Martinkus is arrested, but the prosecutor throws out the case out of weak grounds that the case doesn't have enough evidence.

Gardner finally loses it and decides to get Martinkus thrown in jail. She breaks into Martinkus' car and steals her nail file, which has her print, and collects her hair from the seat with a lint roller. Since her ex-husband Philip was draining her wages with an alimony mandate, she met him in his car and stabbed through his eye into his brain with the nail file. The hairs were left in his had to frame Martinkus, and she conveniently arrived to mention the alimony and pretend Martinkus was losing more money than her.

Martinkus is brought in and horrified she's implicated. She reveals her full name and her long-standing criminal history to avoid the false charge of murder. The lint roller adhesive on Martinkus' hairs prove Gardner's setup. She didn't hesitate to confess, indifferent even when seeing Gardner being cuffed and taken into custody, shortly before being incarcerated.


  • At least twenty unnamed women (stole their legal info and robbed)
  • Karla Gardner (Stole her legal info and robbed; later stole her purse)