Season 2
Number 10
Writer John Haynes,
Elizabeth Devine
Director Karen Gaviola
Original Airdate December 15, 2003
Previous Episode: Bait
Next Episode: Complications

Extreme is the tenth episode in Season Two of CSI: Miami.


A young woman is thrown over the railing of a parking garage, but the investigation into her death uncovers evidence that she was killed before the fall and had likely been kidnapped. The victim's watch is traced to her boyfriend, who tells the detectives that she was a thrill seeker who was abducted during the course of an extreme kind of role-playing game. Meanwhile, Delko gets into trouble when he inadvertently interferes with a case after stumbling across a car-theft ring.


The adrenaline addict girl was part of a roleplaying game of being kidnapped by the firm called Gotcha, and got murdered before she was thrown off from the balcony. Although a legally clear business, their modus operandi was shady, as the paid kidnappers later demanded ransom money, which the firm considered part of the deal. The suspicion of the team then focuses on the girl's stepmother, a young lady whom her billionaire father remarried with and had bad relationship with her stepdaughter, but she has airtight alibi. Then they focus on the kidnappers. One of them lost a tooth when fighting with the girl, but he was only there to help in the first part. The other had residue of bitumen on his shoes from the balcony where the body was thrown from, but he only found the dead body of her and panicked from her wealthy father's possible revenge. When processing the old military warehouse she was stored in after the kidnapping, Horatio spots chalk on the wall of the storage house, which leads them to her boyfriend's friend, who is an alpinist. Turns out that he was the one who freed the girl, but he left her with his boyfriend to have sex. Speed finds the murder weapon, a wrap of plastic with lipstick on it—she was strangled to death with it. Processing it for fingerprints, Speed and Delko find a lip print on the outside of the plastic, with a gap in the middle, which leads them to the boyfriend, Tommy, who wears a piercing on his lower lip. Upon questioning by Horatio, he reveals that he murdered her to find the ultimate adrenaline rush of his life: looking in someone's eyes as they die.

Meanwhile, Eric is late to work during the initial processing, and shows up at the locker room badly beaten. When asked by Horatio, he tells that he ran into a "chop shop", a place where stolen cars are being renumbered and resold, and he got into a fight with the owners after writing down the serials. However, his personal action makes a search warrant for the place of Tripp, who was working in their case already null and void, and the two get into a heated debate with only Horatio stopping the fight. Delko is instructed to find evidence that links him getting beaten up to the owner, which he provides in the form of a contact lens that the perp lost after Delko hit back. When he is interrogated by Horatio for attacking an officer, he offers him a deal if he gives up his partner, which is ultimately accepted.


Main Cast[]

 Guest Cast[]

  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Boti Ann Bliss as Maxine Valera
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Nora Dunn as Kidnap Executive Rhonda
  • Chris Pine as Tommy Chandler
  • Rodney Scott as Keith
  • Paulette Braxton as Angela Morton
  • Cristián de la Fuente as Sam Belmontes
  • Wade Andrew Williams as Jack Hawkins
  • Jed Allan as Hal Wilcox
  • Panchito Gómez as Manny Ocola
  • Sunny Mabrey as Celine Wilcox
  • David Ripley as Hector Jones
  • Shelli Bergh as Paula Muro
  • Erin Carufel as Nikki Wilcox
  • Antonio Leon as Austin
  • Carla Ortiz as Amber
  • Don Pugsley as Clint Hall
  • Nathan Hill as Jason

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