Eyeballs is the tenth episode in Season Two of CSI: Vegas.

Csi vegas lg
Csi vegas
Season 2
Number 10
Writer Ryan Lee
Director Allison Liddi-Brown
Original Airdate January 5, 2023
Previous Episode: In the White Room
Next Episode: Trinket


A social media influencer party ends with the brutal murder of a popular guest. Chris Park's side hustle makes him uniquely qualified to lead the CSI team in their investigation.


Victim: Nate Taylor (deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Beau Finado, Chris Park, Joshua Folsom, Maxine Roby, Det. Serena Chavez

Attendees of a social media influencer party spend their time live streaming the night’s events. Upstairs, a drunk young man staggers onto the balcony and collapses into a chair. We then see blood spatter spray across the sliding doors leading to the adjacent bedroom.

Folsom and Det. Chavez arrive the following morning in shock at the amount of blood. The victim has at least four deep slashes to the side of his throat. He’s also still holding his phone, making Det. Chavez hopeful that the victim live-streamed his own murder. A hatchet also lies on the ground near the body. Det. Chavez identifies the victim as “@ItsNateorious” (real name: Nate Taylor), a well-known social media influencer. Due to an empty Solo cup nearby, she wonders if Nate was passed out when he was attacked, which would explain a lack of defensive wounds. When Folsom switches to an infrared filter to take photos of the body, he and Det. Chavez find something they’re taken aback by.

Chris is called to the scene per Folsom’s request. Max brings up Chris’ side hustle, a social media account called "@ChrisSolves", where he gives his viewers a “slice of the CSI life.” Chris gleefully shows Max that he has over 110,000 followers, but he insists that he’s only active outside of work and doesn’t post anything related to ongoing cases. Folsom leads Chris to Nate’s body and shines a black light over the face. It’s then that we see Chris’ handle has been written on one of Nate’s eyelids. Chris admits that he recently did a video about invisible ink and, worse yet, he knows the victim.

Max is hesitant to let Chris work the case, but he convinces her to let him on board, saying that he didn’t know Nate personally. Upon viewing a photo board of Nate and his friends, Chris recalls that, four years ago, Nate was charged with killing a woman with an axe. Both Nate and his roommate Warren were accused of killing their neighbor, Ana Reynolds, by slashing her throat. Warren’s boot prints were found in the yard, while Nate’s camping axe turned up in the dishwasher. The stab wounds were apparently a match to the axe’s pick end; however, both men beat the murder charge. Chris admits that he had something to do with that, as he posted a video about blood spatter evidence that helped exonerate the men. Despite the fact that Chris posted the video before he became a CSI, Max is upset that he’s still posting daily. Chris believes that the axe found near Nate’s body is the exact one used in the murder four years ago. It appears that someone was mad at Chris for the outcome of the trial and now as an “axe” to grind.

Two of Nate’s roommates are of little help, focusing more on their brand and social media presence. When questioned about his whereabouts, Warren claims that he was out “pre-partying.” He came home and went straight to bed, missing the raging party downstairs. Before the questioning can go any further, Warren asks for a lawyer.

Upstairs on the balcony, the blood evidence is telling an interesting story. Chris and Folsom observe that there are no footprints made by the killer; furthermore, there’s no void where the killer may have been standing. It’s almost as if Nate was alone on the balcony when his throat was slit. The killer left behind a murder weapon and a body, but no trace that he or she was ever there.

Back in the lab, it’s determined that all of the blood from the scene was Nate’s. There are also no prints on the axe handle; however, Folsom spots some white trace that could be sweat from the killer. Though the killer may have been wearing gloves, it’s possible the handle came in contact with his or her wrist, which was uncovered.

Nate’s murder ends up trending, as does the cold case of Ana Reynolds’ murder. Because of this, Chris becomes a target for other users who blame him for helping exonerate Nate and Warren.

The DNA from the sweat on the axe handle turns out to be Warren’s. He gets brought to the station to have his blood drawn, but refuses to answer any questions per his lawyer’s request. Before Warren leaves, Chris tries appealing to his sense of morality and justice, asking for help in finding Nate’s murder. Warren, however, wants Chris to help him—he was found innocent once before and believes Chris can help do it again. The only thing he adds is that he didn’t kill Nate.

In autopsy, Sonya is amazed that the blood vessels in Nate’s eye flared, which would require an unbelievable amount of trauma to occur. Tox results show that Nate’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit and that his system contained a significant amount of GHB. It’s possible the murder was premeditated and the killer drugged Nate to make things easier. The wounds are determined to be consistent with an axe; however, Chris and Folsom want to be 100% sure that the axe is the murder weapon, as Warren has a great attorney and a history of evading murder charges. Several swings of the axe are taken, but none of the cuts made match the cuts in Nate’s neck. This would seem to make the presence of Warren’s sweat on the handle irrelevant; however, Chris believes the sweat was planted there. He concludes that Warren is being framed for murder—again.

Not only is the tool mark analysis conclusive in Warren’s favor, the sweat on the axe handle is, as well. Max informs the team that the blood drawn from Warren has high levels of steroids, something the sweat on the axe lacks. Whoever left the axe behind knew that Warren’s DNA was somewhere on it, which would be good enough to help pin a murder on him. Max tasks Folsom with finding out what the murder weapon is, while Chris is instructed to look into his followers—whoever the killer is knows a lot about Chris, Nate, Warren, and the Reynolds case.

Folsom informs Beau that the blood drops on the balcony were less than one millimeter in diameter; therefore, whatever hit Nate was moving fast. The CSIs use a variety of knives and swords, but are unable to replicate the blood spatter pattern. Meanwhile, Chris sifts through his followers and focuses on “@SleuthVCF,” who he labels as his nemesis. Allie points out that for every follower they eliminate as a suspect, ten more pop up in their place. Max “scolds” Chris for putting himself out in public like this and orders him to carry a gun with him at all times until the case is solved.

While looking through users’ videos, Allie comes across a video of the crime scene taken by a drone flying overhead, which is actually illegal. Chris comes to a realization and informs Beau and Folsom that a drone is the murder weapon. They recreate the crime by attacking a dummy with the drone’s propellers; the blood spatter is a match. The CSIs have determined how someone left a mess behind at the scene without ever setting foot there; now, they need to find who is responsible. During the process, Beau explains that overriding a drone’s safety features is quite easy to do; furthermore, the largest commercially-available drones could carry a tool the size of the axe. He also points out that drones are used by almost all social media influencers, which doesn’t really help narrow down the pool of suspects.

Chris and Det. Chavez search the “murder house” for the drone that was used in Nate’s murder. They find a drone in Nate’s closet buried under a pile of clothes; though blood is present and the propellers are damaged, Chris observes that one propeller is rusted where the blade broke. He tests the blood on the drone and finds that it’s A positive blood. The blood type doesn’t match Nate, but it does match the blood type of Ana Reynolds. Chris realizes that the drone they’ve found was used to murder Ana and that he helped Nate and Warren get away with murder.

Warren is brought to the station for questioning again. He refuses to say anything, but the evidence of Ana’s murder speaks for itself. Chris theorizes that, four years ago, Warren took his new drone for a spin and flew it into Ana’s adjacent backyard while she was sunbathing. He disabled the safety features on the drone allowing it to fly way too close to her. The propellers sliced her neck and caused her to bleed profusely. Instead of calling for help, Warren panicked and killed her with Nate’s axe to prevent her from going to the police. He then ransacked her house to make it look like a robbery and stuck the axe in the dishwasher to destroy the evidence. Interestingly enough, Nate kept the drone in his closet; since he was already charged for murder, it’s possible he kept the drone for leverage. Since Warren’s footprints were the only ones in Ana’s yard, it proves that he let his best friend stand trial for murder to save himself. The theory is that Nate threatened to come forward about what really happened, so Warren had no choice but to silence him.

Warren’s attorney points out that he can’t be charged for the same crime twice in the court of law, making the whole theory moot. There isn’t enough evidence to overturn the original ruling. As for Nate’s murder, Warren’s alibi is still that he was sleeping when it occurred. Warren is released, and Chris is left lamenting the fact that he helped someone get away with murder.

Allie and Folsom convince Chris to focus on the present case. Chris is convinced that Warren committed murder again, this time using a different drone; however, Allie doesn’t believe Warren is smart enough to concoct such a scheme. Folsom notes that the killer never set foot on the balcony, which means he or she wrote on Nate’s eyelid before the murder took place. This would narrow the suspect field down to everyone at the party, and Allie realizes that everyone in attendance was filming with their phones. Chris offers to scour the housemates’ accounts and find anyone who was hanging around Nate that night.

Upon searching through Chris’ social media accounts, the LVPD found that he didn’t break any rules with his postings; therefore, no sanctions will be recommended against him. However, Det. Chavez has Max search for the hashtag “#ChrisFails.” The public posts show veiled death threats against Chris, and the messages don’t even include the ones in Chris’ private inbox. Max reiterates that she wants Chris carrying a gun and asks Det. Chavez to put a uniformed officer on him.

While Chris watches another video by "@SleuthVCF," Beau gathers stills of potential suspects from the party. Folsom interrupts and informs them that the invisible ink on Nate’s eyelid was from a generic, store-bought pen. However, he shows them a close-up of Nate’s eye, which reveals that the redness wasn’t from burst blood vessels—he had conjunctivitis (or, pink eye). Suddenly, while looking through videos from the party, Chris spots the drone in question falling from the second floor balcony into the bushes below; the video was posted within minutes of Nate’s estimated time of death.

Chris and Folsom head back to the house and search the bushes. While the drone is nowhere to be found (it has been two days), Folsom finds a piece of white fabric entangled in the branches. He guesses that the fabric is from a wet wipe, and he soon finds another shred with blood on it. The theory is that the killer wiped the blood off of the drone and discarded the wipe. A rodent, likely a rat, then used parts of the wipe to build a nest. If the killer wasn’t wearing gloves, their DNA may still be on the wipe.

The DNA from the wipe is inconclusive, as the bleach used as the disinfectant eradicated any touch evidence. Chris spots the scratches on Folsom’s arms from the bushes and realizes that he’s seen identical scratches somewhere else. He pulls up a video posted by "@SleuthVCF" that shows that he has the same scratches on his arms.

When questioned in his home, "@SleuthVCF" (real name: Vincent) claims that he got the scratches the previous week during a nature hike. Chris recalls that Vincent posted a review of a quadcopter drone online six months ago; however, Vincent says that he sold the drone shortly afterwards. The drone is nowhere to be found, seemingly corroborating Vincent’s story. As he escorts the police out of his house, Vincent rubs his left eye. Chris forces him to remove his sunglasses (it’s in the scope of the warrant), something Vincent is clearly hesitant to do. Chris takes a swab of the eye, while Allie does the same with Nate’s eye in the morgue.

The strain of conjunctivitis found in Nate’s eye is a match to the strain in Vincent’s eye. A flashback shows him writing Chris’ internet handle on Vincent’s eyelid, rubbing up against the eye, then touching his own. He then led a passed out Nate onto the balcony and flew the drone into his throat.

Vincent angrily says that he was right the whole time in regards to Ana Reynolds’ murder; however, Chris called him out and cost him thousands of followers. His belief is that Chris rode the momentum from the videos to a job at the lab, a job Vincent himself dreamed of having. He says that he used his rejected CSI applications as fuel for getting the truth out there about Ana’s murder. Before being escorted away in handcuffs, Vincent calls Chris a fraud and chastises him for letting a murderer walk.

Max informs Chris that the LVPD cleared him; however, he’s still not off the hook. She warns him that the videos he posts make him a target. Chris is soon seen posting another video where he admits to being wrong about the Ana Reynolds case. Though he can’t definitively call Warren a murderer, he tries convincing his followers to unsubscribe from Warren’s channel. He then deletes his own account.


Main Cast[]

  • Paula Newsome as Maxine Roby
  • Matt Lauria as Joshua Folsom
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan
  • Ariana Guerra as Det. Serena Chavez
  • Jay Lee as Chris Park
  • Lex Medlin as Beau Finado
  • Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows (credited only)

Guest Cast[]

  • Sara Amini as Sonya Nikolayevich
  • Connor Price as Vincent
  • Zach Tinker as Warren Bart
  • Madison Lewis as Kristen
  • Ruben Vernier as Marc


  • Can’t Touch This by BIA


  • Marg Helgenberger (Catherine) is credited but does not appear in the episode.
  • Former CSI Greg Sanders is mentioned by Chris.

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