Family Secrets
Season 1
Number 13
Writer Craig O'Neill,
Pam Veasey,
Matt Whitney
Director Anton Cropper
Original Airdate May 13, 2015
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Family Secrets is the thirteenth episode in Season One of CSI: Cyber.


Avery identifies and later confronts the hacker who released her patients' information when she was a psychologist. Meanwhile, Krumitz confronts the man who murdered his parents.


Remote access trojan (RAT) - malicious code that allows a hacker to infect and control any phone, tablet, or computer.

A shadowy figure runs to a building's rooftop and assembles something resembling a sniper rifle. We soon see that the person in question is Nelson, and he's observing Avery through the scope. He pulls a trigger and extracts information from Avery's laptop, which he then sends to Raven, instructing her not to open it. As the call ends, Nelson is hit from behind and knocked unconscious; the perpetrator then peers through the scope and spies on Avery.

The team learns that nine people have been hacked, as recordings of their personal conversations were leaked online. Curiously, no private emails or photos were hacked, and their devices showed no signs of any intrusions. The recordings contain confessions to things like petty theft and adultery. When the volume of the room tone is amplified, the sound of running water can be heard in every recording, meaning they were all recorded in the same place. Avery realizes that these aren't confessions—they're therapy sessions, and the patients' confidential files were hacked.

The therapist, identified as Dr. Richard Chan, is found dead in his office. Running water from a fountain explains the sound heard on the recordings. A broken hourglass lies on the floor, which Elijah is able to recover a fingerprint from. The print comes back to Avery, who later explains that she had the same hourglass on the desk in her office when she was a psychologist. Either this is the same exact hourglass or someone went to a lot of trouble to plant her print. Four more recordings are leaked online, as well as the details of Dr. Chan's murder investigation.

Nelson has been a no-show at work and doesn't answer his phone when Raven tries contacting him. She traces the location of his phone and eventually finds him tied up on the rooftop he was seen on earlier. Nelson, who is sporting a large cut on his forehead, laments that "everything is gone." He confirms that Raven has the file he sent, snatches the flash drive from her grasp, and frantically says that he has to talk to Avery.

Nelson arrives at headquarters and collects Avery's phone; her personal laptop is at her home. He tells her that she's being spied on, something he knows because he was also spying on her. After Avery told him about her psychology practice being hacked, he took it upon himself to find the hacker and solve the unsolvable case. In order to do so, he had to search on the Deep Web, which violates the conditions of his parole. His endeavor was successful, as he actually found the files; however, he also discovered that the hacker has new information, including Avery's current documents, photos, and recordings of her phone conversations.

Nelson admits that he was spying on Avery the night before and found malicious code on her laptop that was attached to a personal video file. He downloaded the code and has brought it with him for further analysis. At the same time, Krumitz discovers that a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) was injected on Dr. Chan's computer that allowed the hacker to gain complete control of the device. The hacker had access to Dr. Chan's files and could remotely turn the computer's microphone on and off. Nelson sees that the RAT's code is the same one that he downloaded from Avery's laptop, leading Avery to conclude that the person who hacked Dr. Chan is the same black hat who hacked her years ago.

Avery tells Elijah that the target is trying to get her attention; her fingerprint on the hourglass was a way of doing so. She believes that the target has struck now because Nelson got too close. Because the target has been watching her since the day her practice was hacked, she concludes that she's always been the intended victim, not her patients.

Every time Avery got a new computer, she transferred a video with the embedded RAT, basically "RAT'ing" herself. Clicking the infected video allowed the hacker to gain complete control. In order to find the hacker, the team needs to find the very first device that was infected—a "digital patient zero." While the laptop isn't there, they do have Dr. Chan's laptop, which was also infected by the hacker.

Krumitz provided Avery with a brand-new department-issued laptop and a burner phone to avoid any detection. However, Avery soon sticks the infected flash drive into the computer, uploading a virus to her laptop and every computer at headquarters. With tears in her eyes, she willingly watches the video on the flash drive. Back at headquarters, the team is in a panic. Krumitz realizes that Avery infected herself, and Nelson discovers that the flash drive in question is no longer on his desk.

Avery speaks to her hacker through her webcam, telling him that he has her attention. The hacker instructs her to leave her electronic devices behind and head to a bus station. Using the locker code provided, Avery opens the locker and finds a webcam and cell phone inside. Following further instructions, she leaves her gun in the locker and goes to the address provided.

Nelson and Raven discover that the hacker was hopping the IP address on Dr. Chan's laptop. They're able to find the network the RAT was communicating with, which provides them with the hacker's exact location. In Hanover, Connecticut, Elijah and his SWAT team storm a house and detain the inhabitant. The man recognizes Avery's name and identifies himself as her ex-husband, David. He tells Elijah that he hasn't seen Avery in four years and denies any wrongdoing; a search of his computer proves that he didn't hack Avery or Dr. Chan. David recalls that before Avery moved to Washington, she left behind some of office items, including her laptop. Curiously, she never sent for the items.

Avery is directed to a warehouse and finds that it's set up exactly like the office at her old psychology practice. She spots a security camera and starts talking to her hacker, commending him on his attention to detail. The hacker tells her that she failed all of her patients and displays the patient files on the laptop screen. He hints at something that fractured their relationship, which led to him hacking her computer and stealing her files. Avery notices that there's one patient file missing on the laptop. Based on the missing file and the location she's been led to, she deduces that her hacker is former patient Logan Reeves. Logan emerges from his observation room and confronts Avery face-to-face.

Avery sits down and starts a therapy session with Logan. He blames her for abandoning him and pushing him onto another doctor who forced him into taking medications that made things worse. Avery tells him that he suffers from a delusional disorder that required further treatment she couldn't provide; however, he reveals that he read her notes and saw that he was "making progress." In reality, Logan's attachment to Avery was actually hindering his progress, which made her refer him to someone else.

The laptop David provides is the "legacy device"—the first computer infected with the RAT. Krumitz pulls up the event log with all the connected devices, finding one outlier—a flash drive that was only connected once. The transfer occurred during business hours, which means Avery was with a patient at the time. Her old address book leads the team to Logan. Avery's notes on him say that he had an early onset psychotic disorder; however, she believed he was no threat to himself or others. Logan's rap sheet shows otherwise, however, as he's been arrested multiple times over the last decade, all on violent charges. It's soon discovered that Logan's last known address was a mental hospital; when it closed, the patients were put back on the street with no follow-ups.

In his therapy session, Logan tells Avery that he decided to become a proficient hacker in order to get to know her better. When told that he was a patient, not a friend, Logan flips out, tells Avery that she gave up on him, and destroys the laptop. He briefly leaves the warehouse, locking Avery inside; however, he returns shortly thereafter. Upon returning, Logan mentions Danielle, the patient who was murdered. He confesses to killing Danielle because Avery dedicated so much time to her. Avery actually testified against the ex-husband in court, putting him in jail for a murder he didn't commit. Logan soon reveals that the warehouse is filling with carbon monoxide, which is going to kill both of them slowly.

When Logan turns his back, Avery picks up the nameplate on her desk, beats him over the head with it, and knocks him unconscious. She takes a cell phone out of Logan's pocket and calls Elijah, providing the team with her location before passing out from the carbon monoxide. Krumitz, Nelson and Raven are able to crack the combination of the keypad, allowing Elijah and his SWAT team access to the warehouse. Both Avery and Logan are found alive, and Logan is placed under arrest.

Avery visits her ex-husband and catches him up to speed on the case. She reveals that the video she always watches is that of their late daughter, Hannah—the last time all three of them were together. This was the video Logan hacked.

In a separate storyline, Krumitz is having a breakfast with his sister at a diner when he notices someone sitting in a booth—Taylor Pettis, the man who killed his parents. Krumitz confronts Taylor and threatens to put him back in jail for even the tiniest of infractions. Taylor soon files a police report citing that Krumitz threatened him. Simon knows Krumitz will never get over his loss, but he advises him to get past his anger.

Taylor's body is later found in an alley, a victim of two gunshots to the chest. Robbery is ruled out as a motive, and Simon concludes that someone set out to kill him. Krumitz soon meets up with his sister, who takes a gun out of her purse and confesses to killing Taylor.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Brent Sexton as Andrew Michaels
  • Angela Trimbur as Francine Krumitz
  • David Dastmalchian as Logan Reeves
  • Scotty McKnight as Detective
  • Deron Paul as Taylor Pettis
  • Amber Wegner as Grocery Store Clerk
  • Kristine Blackport as Laura Harrigan
  • Alysson Da Silva as Civilian

Major Events[]

  • The person who hacked Avery's psychology practice and killed one of her patients is identified.
  • It's revealed that not only was Avery married before, but she had a daughter who died.
  • The man who killed Krumitz's parents is later found dead. His sister confesses to the crime.

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